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10 Best Work From Home Jobs In 2020 – Get Your Dream Job

Work from home jobs are becoming increasingly more popular and common in 2020 and more than half of Americans are working from home at least part of the time. It can sometimes be tough to juggle childcare responsibilities, personal health and the restrictions of commuting with a conventional working pattern.

Remote work from home jobs can resolve these challenges. By adopting a home-working career, you will regain control of your destiny. There will be challenges, of course. Nothing in life that is worth doing ever came easy. The rewards, however, will greatly outweigh these testing times.

You have two options if you’re seeking this lifestyle. You could take a DIY approach, signing up to popular freelance platforms. Examples of these include Fiverr, People Per Hour and Upwork. Competition for work is intense here though, and the self-employed life is not for everybody.

An alternative is to seek out an employer that permits remote work from home. You may be surprised at just how many opportunities are open to you in this field. Let’s take a look at ten great work from home jobs.

Top Work From Home Jobs & Company List:


Think that working for Jeff Bezos’ mega-conglomerate means long hours spent in a warehouse? Think again. A company the size of Amazon needs to fill a variety of employment positions, and many of these tasks can be completed remotely.

Referred to as Virtual Locations, you’ll find a long list of opportunities to work for Amazon without leaving the comfort of your home. These range from customer service support to senior management roles. The available positions constantly change, so be sure to check in regularly if you’re interested.

Robert Half International


Robert Half International is a hugely reputable recruitment consultancy. This employer boasts a variety of impressive awards, including listings among, “the World’s Most Admired Companies” (Fortune), “America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms” and “The Best Employers for Diversity” (both Forbes.)

Best of all, Robert Half also boasts a wide range of remote jobs. Don’t worry if you have no background in recruitment. While there are certainly work from home headhunting positions available, this business is also seeking remote support in the tech, accountancy and administration fields – among others.



Everybody loves to impart wisdom to younger generations. By working remotely with VIPKid, you can be paid to do so. This business is always looking for work at home employees to teach English to international schoolchildren online.

The one-on-one tutoring model provided by VIPKid ensures that you’ll build a relationship with your students in no time. You’ll be able to set your own schedule. An appropriate curriculum and materials will be provided.

Take on as many students as you feel comfortable with. Naturally, the more hours you spend teaching, the more money you’ll earn.




If you speak a second language, the world of working from home immediately opens up to you. Translation is a hugely popular niche when it comes to work from home jobs. Welocalize is a reputable business that can offer a wide range of translation services.

As a truly global offering, Welocalize needs speakers of a variety of different languages. Of course, common tongues such as Spanish, French, and German will always be in demand. Translation opportunities from all over the world are available for work at home jobs, however.

Just be aware that working remotely for Welocalize will likely be on a freelance basis – at least initially. Prove your worth, however, and you will open doors to a range of new opportunities.



Call center jobs have a bad reputation. They bring to mind disgruntled customer service reps, crammed into a cubicle and watching the clock with increasing desperation. That’s why Liveops describes itself as, “the modern call center that isn’t a call center.”

Liveops hires a wide range of agents to field telephone queries from home, acting on behalf of businesses. If your application is successful you will be matched up to an appropriate company, ensuring that you’ll work in a niche that you find comfortable.

The salary depends on how long you spend fielding queries. Liveops pays based on how many minutes you spend speaking with clients. You can choose your own schedule, and work whichever hours suit you best.



Are you familiar with the inner workings of the IRS? If so, consider joining the remote team at TaxJar. These financial specialists work with a range of reputable and sizeable international brands, offering advice and support on all matters concerning tax affairs.

Best of all, you don’t even need an accountancy background to work with this employer. The wide range of work from home jobs available at TaxJar includes sales and marketing positions, as well as engineers. If you do have the equivalent experience, you could even seek a partnership position. TaxJar is a really great company that allows flexibility to work from your house or anywhere else you like!



By its very nature, working in technology opens up the chance to work at home. After all, code is a universal language. Clevertech is based in New York, but this business offers a number of remote opportunities.

Alas, this does not make Clevertech an easy company to enter. You’ll need relevant experience, ideally within the media, insurance or logistics fields. These are the primary business interests that Clevertech works alongside.

If you have the right resume, however – and a creative mind coupled with technical ability – Clevertech is an employer worthy of investigation.



Appen are data specialists that offer a wide range of consultancy services to the technology industry. Appen HQ is based in Australia, but the business seeks remote support from all over the world – including the USA.

Appen are a big name in the tech field, working with eight of the ten most recognizable names in the industry. You will need to undertake a review to ensure that your skills, background, and experience tally up with the company’s needs. As you can imagine, the competition will be fierce.

If you catch Appen’s eye, however, the world is your oyster. Appen offers a vast array of different remote opportunities, from tasks that will take just an hour to lengthy commitments of several months at a time.



HotJar is an employer that places a great deal of emphasis on the perks of working from home. This company specializes in data analysis, aiding businesses in learning what their customers really want.

Employing remote workers from all over the world, HotJar offers an enviable benefits package. As a leading work from home employer, HotJar has ensured that the connectivity of employees across the globe is seamless.

Best of all, HQ is based in beautiful Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean. You never know – you may be invited to a corporate meeting in this little slice of Paradise.



If you’re intimidated by some of these roles as they appear to require specialist skills, do not worry., TranscribeMe! is an online employer that provides the opportunity to transcribe spoken word files to text. All you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection and a keen ear.

TranscribeMe! is a global service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can use this service to earn a little extra pocket money, or as a full-time employer. Rates of pay at this employer are enviable, so it could become a great way to earn a living.

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