7 Best Jobs for Digital Nomads Without Programming Knowledge

If you dream of becoming a digital nomad, one of the biggest concerns you may have is how you will make money and support yourself. In reality, this will only a small milestone for you to pass. Many jobs for a digital nomad don’t require much (or any) sort of technical knowledge or background experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that many digital nomads are not rich by any means and operate with minimal money in their bank accounts. This is not some sort of special club full of billionaires, people with pensions, or large sums of inheritance. Nor is this a lifestyle that requires special skills or technical knowledge.

If you want to become a digital nomad, but are concerned where to find jobs for digital nomads without much technical knowledge, we are here to help.

Where to Find Jobs for Digital Nomads?

The hardest part of securing your first remote job knowing where people post jobs for digital nomads. It’s also worth noting that most people who want to go nomadic also want to avoid working for a large corporation that keeps them under control.

Since many freelance platforms come along with high fees, lots of bureaucracy, and no guarantee of consistent work in the first place, we recommend looking through the jobs for digital nomads on a site like GlobalCareer.io. This platform lets you apply to many jobs for a digital nomad without forcing you to jump through hoops or pay fees.

Here are some of the best jobs for a digital nomad without technical knowledge you will find:

1. Freelance Writer

silver MacBook showing application

If you are reading this article, you are probably also capable of writing it. Whether you knew this or not, content writing is one of the most popular jobs for digital nomads. Especially those who aren’t very tech-savvy. We all wrote essays back in school. If you didn’t mind doing them then, you definitely won’t mind getting paid to do it.

GoSite, for example, is a company currently seeking freelance writers for consistent work. Companies like this are able to generate a return on the investment they make to pay you for your writing. The pay for a freelance writer is either calculated per-word, per-hour, or per-post.

2. Content Editor

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If you can read and write, you are also able to edit. Remember back in English class when you learned how to structure sentences, paragraphs, use commas, and so on? Although this is a simple description of what a content editor does, it is clear that minimal technical knowledge is required to be on.

Whether you are helping people edit content for their blog, e-book, or even for standardized test preparation, this is another job for a digital nomad which you can easily travel around the world with. Especially if you have an education in a relevant field like communications or English.

3. Marketing

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One of the most common jobs for digital nomads is doing marketing of some sort. There are always new businesses coming around who need some assistance in selling their products and raising brand awareness. In the past, marketers weren’t able to work remotely until the rise of the internet made it more practical. If you have marketing skills, now is the time to go remote. This is one of the most popular jobs for a digital nomad.

Marketing is one of those jobs for digital nomads which can come in many different forms. For example, you can build your own website which reviews products on Amazon and work for yourself as an affiliate marketer. Since this isn’t easy to do, handling the marketing remotely for a company like Creative Market is a great way to earn some stripes and gain valuable resume experience on the way.

4. Customer Support

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Let’s start with a classic example. If you purchased a Dell computer in the 90s and 00s, you might know that the customer service agents were actually located all the way over in a place like India. Today, it is common for businesses to hire remote customer support agents.

Typically, all you need a need is a reliable internet connection, a nice headset, and command of the language your conversations will take place in. CE Broker, for example, is a company constantly seeking customer support specialists. Positions like this can even come with benefits like insurance, retirement plans, and long-term work contracts.

5. Accounting

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Those who know how to do accounting and bookkeeping probably went to college and received an education. If this describes you, there is some good news for you. This is one of the most popular jobs for digital nomads. These days, accounting and bookkeeping can be handled remotely.

The catch here is that you will need to learn how to use some new pieces of software, and perhaps go a little out of your comfort zone. Breezy HR is currently seeking a new senior accountant. If you are an experienced accountant, a remote accounting position like this will help you to immediately go nomadic.

6. Virtual Assistant

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Many people are naturally good at working with other people and helping others accomplish their goals. If this sounds like you, you might also make a great virtual assistant. This is the best job for a digital nomad who wants to become good at many different types of online work.

Virtual assistants might be expected to do an array of tasks. This can include mindless tasks like data entry, transcription, or just about any sort of time-consuming task which isn’t necessarily technical. Virtual assistants typically will work full-time for one company, or part-time for multiple companies.

7. Teaching English

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This is definitely one of the best jobs for a digital nomad for multiple reasons. For starters, English is a language which is used all over the world for business matters. There are also countless people in the world who want to learn English or improve their skills with the help of a native speaker. If you are a native speaker, you are already qualified for this line of work.

Remote English teachers are one of the most sought-after professionals around the world. Especially in a place like China, there are tons of companies who hire native English speakers to teach remotely. Typically, all that you need is an international certification like TEFL or TESOL and you are ready to apply to positions which pay $20/hour and up.

What is the Overall Best Job for Digital Nomads without Tech Knowledge?

As we have demonstrated above, there are many great career paths for people dreaming of becoming a digital nomad. For this reason, the best jobs for a digital nomad to apply to depend on your personal skills and interests. Many people would say that content writing, editing, or teaching English is the best place to start.

Since there are so many different jobs for digital nomads without technical knowledge, we advise you to carefully consider each of the options above. The last thing that you need is to get a new remote job and end up regretting your decision. While you consider the many great jobs for a digital nomad, choose a career which best aligns with your personality, skills, and interests.

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