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5 Steps on How to Find Remote Jobs Today!

Are you interested in how to find remote jobs? You have entered the search at the perfect time. There has never been as high of interest from both employers and employees to switch jobs over to the remote sector as we are witnessing today. If you have been seeking the best platform from where you can find remote jobs, this page will give you all the information you need to know.

1. Consider your Prospective Career Details

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In order to secure and find remote jobs, you need to first learn how to work remote. One of the first things that you should do is start by considering what you hope to accomplish. The first place to start, then, is to look through the many different career options and find the one which will suit your needs the best.

What Types of Careers are Available?

There are many different types of careers to choose from while you learn how to work remotely. However, the goal here is to find the best remote jobs possible to match your skills. Here are some of the top jobs to consider as a newcomer to the remote work industry.

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Advertising Specialist.
  • Content Writer.
  • Online Teaching.
  • Web Design & Development.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Coding.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Product Designer.
  • Data Transcription

The jobs featured here are just a snapshot of what it is available. If you see any of the jobs above pop out as a potential match to your skillset, you might be on the right track. As we will illustrate, though, there are still other factors to be aware of and consider.

How Much Money Do You Expect to Earn?

You wouldn’t be searching for any sort of job without a guarantee of a salary. Rightfully so. Before you start diving into your search to find online jobs, it’s important that you know how much money you expect to earn. Write this down.

What Do You Need to Earn?

In addition to having an expectation for how much money you should earn, there are probably some certain basic budget needs which you need to uphold. For example, if you need to cover your mortgage payment, car payment, buy new gadgets and so on, make sure to factor these in your calculations.

What Kind of Computer Skills Do You Have?

As we saw in the above samples of careers that you should consider your top skills while you try to find remote jobs that you are interested in. Specifically, what kind of computer skills you have. If you aren’t very tech-savvy then you will have a much more difficult time.

Can You Invest in Education and/or Training?

This is especially relevant for people who are newcomers to the remote work industry. If you haven’t spent a good chunk of your life investing time learning technical skills, you might need to

Will You Need Fast Internet for Your Job?

Although the internet is clearly a necessary component for any sort of remote work, you may not need to have the fastest internet that money can buy. For example, those who need to have plenty of video conferences may need to have fast and reliable internet. Content writers, on the other hand, usually don’t.

Where Do you Intend to Live?

Unless you already have a permanent home, many people who find remote jobs will immediately be struck with a sense of freedom that prompts them to consider moving abroad or working from unique locations when they get the chance. Consider this possibility as you try to find a remote job.

Will You Be Able to Afford the Transition?

To be transparent, you may need to dedicate several months of time before you will finally be able to both learn how to work remotely and then find remote jobs to suit your skills. A general rule of thumb is to have 6 months of savings in order to allow yourself plenty of time to dedicate your time to make a career switch.

Are You Good at Making Drastic Changes?

As you learn how to work remote and find remote jobs, you might be struck by how big of a change it is from the normal 9-to-5 grind. Specifically, in regards to how you will need to motivate yourself to work. After all, you won’t have your boss peeking over your shoulder to keep you on track. This is why it’s important that you have a personality which is great for making changes.

2. Knowing the Culture and Etiquette of Remote Work

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If you have any shot at making it in the industry of online work, you need to understand the basic cultural aspects of how things work. Here are some of the top pieces of etiquette to keep in mind. As a professional, some of these may come naturally to you. Others may require a bit of a learning curve to master.

Presentation Matters

The simple things matter when it comes to things such as setting up an online profile and a resume. Remember that things like this are what people will use to garner their first impression of you. That is why you should do your absolute best to present yourself well wherever you can.

E-mail Templates & Signatures are Important

E-mail is a very common method of communication for those that work online. One of the best things that you can do to both present yourself well and to save some time is to set up e-mail signatures and templates.

The signature will make it so that you don’t have to sign your name at the bottom of each of your e-mails. E-mail templates are a great way to respond to common questions or to have a template for each of your cover letters.

You Need to Be Dependable

Since the people that you will work for as you find remote jobs will be people that aren’t looking over your shoulder constantly, you will need to prove yourself as dependable. The best way to do this is to always honor your commitments, keep your word, and meet deadlines.

Being Trustworthy is Important

This falls almost right in line with being dependable. In order to thrive, those who find remote jobs need to be trustworthy. When you give a deadline for yourself to return your completed work, make sure to do everything that you need to do to get your work done on time.

Be a Master of One Targeted Niche of Work

Let’s imagine that you want to be a content writer. Congratulations. You just put yourself in a heavily competitive pool of workers. In order to receive a little more leads and work, you should narrow down your niche to something you are an expert at. For example, maybe you could find online jobs working as a legal writer, plumbing writer, or whatever you are good at.

Be a Jack of All Trades

In addition to having a skill where you can really cash in your talent and expertise, you should also try to be a jack of all trades. Let’s imagine that you are a software developer. You may find yourself having some days off from time to time. If you are willing to take on other types of jobs for a slightly lower fee, then you will find yourself always having plenty of work.

Be Proactive & Take Initiative with Clients

Nobody is going to go out of their way to seek you out and help you find remote jobs. This is why being proactive and having a bit of initiative are some of the finest qualities that you can have as a remote worker. If you haven’t already learned this in the corporate world, you will here.

Video Interviews & Conferences are Common

Just because you want to find remote jobs doesn’t mean that will be able to put aside conferences for good. In fact, you will probably need to spend quite a bit of time conducting video interviews and conferences as a remote worker. Get used to this.

3. Investing in Your New Career Search

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With some of this basic information out of the way, let’s discuss how you will be able to find online jobs. As we are about to explore, investing in your career search can prove to be a little exhausting. This is why you need to know what to expect.

Creating an Application Template

In order to find remote jobs, you will probably apply to thousands of different positions before you get the job that you seek. Do yourself a favor and make one great application template that you can use for several different cover letters so that you can have one great template that can be used for all types of job applications.

Updating and Reupdating Your Resume

If you are already in the professional world, you probably already have a resume sitting around in your hard drive. Good. This is what you will need to work on in order to get your first remote job. To start off, update a few things in order to add any sort of certifications that you may have gathered while learning how to work remote, and be sure to reupdate it each time you get a new job, skill, and so on.

You Will Need Lots of Time

If you are on the outside looking in, you won’t be able to up and decide to find remote jobs. Realistically, learning how to work remote and secure your first position isn’t entirely easy to do. You will need a large chunk of time to invest in order to account for this learning curve and secure your first good position.

Investing Money May be Necessary

In addition to investing nice chunks of time, you will probably need to invest a chunk of money in order to complete the transition over to remote work. You will likely need to have savings to last you several months while you spend your time pursuing your new position. Then, you will also probably need to have

Training & Certifications

Depending on what type of remote career you choose to find, you may need to pursue further training and certifications in order to make yourself qualified for a particular position. If you wish to become an English teacher, as an example, you may need to get a certification like the TEFL in order to boost your chances of getting a job.

Having Your Office Space Ready

One thing that really matters when it comes to being effective as a remote worker is getting into a rhythm with your working space. You may or may not need to purchase things here. For many people, this will include a laptop and a mouse. You might also consider getting something like a desk in order to ensure that you are comfortable while working every day.

Creating and Establishing a Routine

Some remote workers work every day. You might decide to work for 5 days a week. In the end, it doesn’t really matter much. In any case, remember that you need time off too. Spend some time in your first weeks and month establishing a routine that you can hold yourself to.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

This will be one of the biggest struggles that you will face and continue to face throughout your career as a remote worker. If you are the kind of person who struggles to keep yourself motivated, find a way to eliminate all distractions. Turn your cell phone off, use applications which block you from accessing sites that distract you, and so on.

4. Seek the Best Companies for Securing a Remote Job

woman in blue chambray long-sleeved top sitting on black leather chair with silver MacBook on lap

Now that we have completely discussed the various keys to help you learn how to work remote, let’s explore some of the absolute best companies for securing your first remote job. The following list of platforms should not be viewed as a complete list, but as a great starting point to help you find your first online job.

1. GlobalCareer.io

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GlobalCareer.io is perhaps the best place to find remote jobs for a few reasons. For starters, remote workers do not have to pay a dime in order to start applying to jobs. Then, you do not also need to set up any sort of profile or pay a commission rate. This is what makes it a wonderful platform to learn how to work remote and start generating income online as soon as possible. Global Career does have a few optional premium services for optimizing or creating new polished resumes to get 2x more interviews.

Who They Are

GlobalCareer.io is a great starting point for people who are especially looking for a long-term gig of some sort to get their feet wet in the remote work industry. Since the only ones who pay to use the platform are the people posting jobs, the freelancers themselves are free to rack in a few extra bucks

What We Like

The feature which we appreciate the most with GlobalCareer.io is the fact that there is a simple application process. You simply take the e-mail address of the employer who posts a job and you are set. That means no fancy profiles, commission fees to the company, and so on. This is a great place to start your job search as a newcomer in the remote work industry since it is completely free to use. Global Career charges companies for posting remote jobs but they do not have any fees for job seekers unless you opt to use their resume writing service.

What We Don’t Like

This is probably the biggest and best-kept secret that exists in the field of remote work. Although many people have been able to find nice 6-figure salaries by searching among the jobs posted on this website, they are still not one of the heavy-hitters. Accordingly, you may find yourself needing to check back every day to see if there are any new positions posted.

2. Upwork

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Upwork is one of the heavy-hitters in the remote work industry. With tons of jobs being posted every day, it also attracts a large base of freelancers. For this reason, it can be a little competitive to try and learn how to work remote on this platform. As a professional with a nice resume and background experience, though, it can work really well.

Who They Are

Upwork was previously known as Elance and oDesk in the past. Recently, they have also become a public company marketed off in the stock market. Although it seems that the value of their stock won’t be skyrocketing anytime soon, the platform itself still seems to attract plenty of attention from both freelancers and businesses seeking to hire them.

What We Like

The most striking features that we notice with Upwork are how large the user base is on both sides, and how feature-packed the platform is. For example, you can make phone calls, video calls, set up instant message chats, send & receive money, and just about everything which is necessary to keep you on the Upwork platform.

What We Don’t Like

Upwork really tries to establish a monopoly with their clients. They prohibit you from receiving payments outside of the platform and talking outside of the platform. If you do these things, you risk being banned. Worst of all, they also take a commission out of each dollar that you earn on the platform. One might argue that they simply take too much away from their platform users.

3. Workana

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Workana is another one of the largest freelancing platforms. What really stands out about this website is that it has a large user base, and is very friendly for people who aren’t native English speakers. Spanish speakers, in particular, have a large presence on this platform.

Who They Are

Workana may be used successfully by people who want to find remote jobs in English, but it is no secret that Spanish and Portuguese speakers are the ones who dominate the platform. This makes it a great place for people who want bilingual translating jobs. However, they also offer jobs to people worldwide in all niches.

What We Like

This platform has a nice system of badges where remote workers can gradually increase their reputation and become ranked higher and higher. As a newcomer, being sure to set up a complete profile and depositing a few funds into your account will allow you to instantly have a decent reputation worthy of receiving a new job or two.

What We Don’t Like

As mentioned, this platform is really great for Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Although other people can definitely have lots of success on the platform, they are at an inherent disadvantage. Accordingly, this may not be your top option if you aren’t bi or trilingual. Like Upwork, those who use this platform are also routinely let down by the level of competition.

4. PeoplePerHour

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If you are based in the United Kingdom, you are in a healthy company among a nice base of remote workers. This is a website designed specifically for professionals living in the UK, but can also be used by professionals all over the world looking to find online jobs. There are jobs available in just about any sort of online-related niche for professionals of most types.

Who They Are

PeoplePerHour is one of the more popular freelance platforms. Especially for English speakers who live in the United Kingdom. They have a pretty easy and straightforward signup system which makes it easy for you to get started on sending in some applications. They have a pretty large user base, and plenty of jobs on a consistent basis. These are just a couple of reasons why it is one of the more popular remote work platforms.

What We Like

The process of payment on this platform is really straightforward and simple. When you have funds cleared and ready, you can quickly withdraw them over to your bank account. You can also make quick offers over to jobs which you have been hired for, making it easy to keep income coming in. It is accessible for professionals of most of the different remote work niches.

What We Don’t Like

The interface of this platform can be a little complicated if you are a newcomer. It may take you some time before you get used to all the different tabs and functions of the platform. With a little bit of time, this can be easily overcome.

5. Freelancer


If you want to find remote jobs on one of the largest and most widely used platforms, then this is a wonderful place to start. Right off the bat, though, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be lots of competition on this platform. Really. Maybe it’s the nice name of the platform, or whatever, but there is clearly a lot of people using this platform.

Who They Are

Freelancer has a history stretching back over 10 years. In this short time, it has expanded drastically. Since then, it has acquired property in several different continents. The active user base is really impressive with this platform. There are tons of different active users in remote niches of many different fields.

What We Like

This platform stands out as one of the longest-standing and perhaps the most trustworthy platform on the market. Due to their long and extensive background of success, freelancers all over the world trust Freelancer for providing them continual work. The site is also easily accessed in many different languages, making it great for freelancers all over the world.

What We Don’t Like

The biggest problems that we notice with this platform is that it can take two weeks to receive your money. This, and the fact that there is A TON of competition on this platform. To put this in perspective, the average job listing will have well over 25 different applications. This estimate is actually a little generous. It isn’t uncommon to see job listings with over 100 different applications. Even for a one-time small job. This can make it hard for a newcomer to learn how to work remotely and find online jobs.

6. 99designs

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If you are an aspiring graphic designer, 99designs is one of the absolute best places for you to get started and find remote jobs. This is a site where designers compete to provide the best logo, the best cover, or whatever people are willing to pay for. As somebody seeking a great graphic designer, this is a great platform since it promotes healthy competition.

Who They Are

99designs is a great platform for remote workers who want to find online jobs in graphic design. It also offers people seeking graphic designers plenty of different options since designers are required to win the “competition” in order to get paid. Whoever gets chosen is the one who receives the target budget.

What We Like

If you are really confident in your skills as a graphic designer, this can be one of the easiest ways to find remote jobs. All you need to do is spend some time designing logos and such every day. Even if you don’t win enough of the competitions, you can quickly start racking up some serious earnings with enough persistence and hard work.

What We Don’t Like

As a beginner graphic designer, you will probably have a hard time winning your first competition. You will need to compete in competitions which have low budgets. Since, after all, low budgets mean less competition from the expert designers who are spending their time in the higher-paying ones. The clients are not always entirely clear as to what they want. It can be a little open to interpretation as to what colors and such you will use.

7. Craigslist

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Although this may not stand out as a place to find remote jobs, it is definitely a platform where this has occurred several times in the past. You have probably heard of Craigslist in the past but may not realize that many of the job listings on this site are starting to become remote jobs. This is what makes it a great place to find online jobs these days. Especially if you need to get your first online job to pad your resume.

Who They Are

Craigslist has been around for quite a while now as a marketplace where professionals can list advertisements of all types. This includes the ability to sell property, services, everyday items, and so on. They also are a social media site where people can discuss topics of various sorts. For our purposes here, they also have a pretty healthy collection of remote jobs for you to look at.

What We Like

Craigslist is a pretty easy platform to use while you are searching for your first job. Simply click on the jobs section and search through jobs that interest you. It is free to use, and can potentially eliminate the need for any sort of commission payments. Best of all, this is a great platform for securing your first long-term position online.

What We Don’t Like

As we have briefly mentioned, and as you may already know, this isn’t platform designed to help you find remote jobs. This is just one of the many types of positions that you can find while scrolling through this site. There are also not as many remote job listings available on this page compared to what you can find on other freelance websites. This is why you should use this as only one of your potential options if you are serious about your search for a remote job.

8. Indeed

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This is a very similar option to Craigslist. However, the difference here is that Indeed is specially designed to help you find jobs. It doesn’t offer a wide array of services outside of this as Craigslist does. This makes it another great place to find online jobs. It may not be your top option, though, since it doesn’t actually specialize in online jobs.

Who They Are

Indeed has been around since 2004. Since its humble beginnings, it has risen to one of the online industry’s top platforms for posting and securing jobs. They have a pretty hefty user base which posts jobs in just about any sort of professional industry. This makes it another great place to reference while you try to find online jobs.

What We Like

Indeed has a track record of success, and is widely trusted by their user base. They have been around for quite some time, and don’t require you to pay any fees or commission bounties. This makes it a free platform to use while you try to find your first online job and learn how to work remote.

What We Don’t Like

Compared to the other options listed here, there is a very limited number of potential remote jobs that are posted on this platform. There are sometimes many different sponsored job ads, and even admission tests that you need to deal with. Since this is a free platform, though, you really get what you pay for.

9. Fiverr

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If you are sick of the different freelance platforms which require you to compete with various other applicants by applying separately to each job, you may prefer a platform like this which makes it so you can set up your profile once. Fiverr is an online marketplace where potential employers can look for and find you.

Who They Are

Fiverr is a little different than your average freelance site since freelancers each set up their own store on the platform and receive work without sending in special applications. They have a wide selection of different types of job. All of the work on this platform is based remotely, allowing people who are a jack of all trades to post up separate listings for each of their skills.

What We Like

If you have a great strategy for presenting yourself, then Fiverr can really turn out to be the best platform for you to find remote jobs. Since it presents your services in easy descriptions and packages, a short and sweet one-time setup is all that is necessary in order to sit back and start earning some income.

What We Don’t Like

There is a pretty high level of competition on this site and those who are popular on the platform have some pretty unbeatable prices. This means that you will really need to underbid your competitors for a little while in order to build up a sizeable reputation on this platform.

10. FlexJobs

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This is another one of the more popular platforms that people can use to either post or find a job online. Much like some of the other platforms here, though, FlexJobs doesn’t actually specialize in remote jobs. This means that finding a remote job is possible, but may not be the dominant type of job you see in your own specialty.

Who They Are

FlexJobs started out in the telecommunications sector before eventually getting a nice following. When this occurred, they started to be a platform for listing and finding jobs in just about all industries of work. Today, they also are a host of many different remote jobs which are either full or part-time.

What We Like

A couple of things really stand out as attractive about FlexJobs. For starters, it is a very trustworthy brand which has been around for quite some time now. Many people have been able to find a job on this site, and it has remained this way for a while. Additionally, it has listings in a wide variety of remote job niches, making it easy to learn how to work remotely and get your first online job.

What We Don’t Like

This is a great platform which makes it really easy for you to consider many different jobs. As briefly mentioned, though, many of the jobs you will find on this platform require you to be based in a certain location. Accordingly, this should be a website you only fall back on to check every now and then.

5. Build Portfolio, Raise Prices & Find Higher Paying Clients

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Once you start to learn how to work remote and secure your first online job, the final continuous step to keep you secure in your new career is to keep getting better and get more money. To do this, there is a simple recipe. Build your portfolio, raise your prices, and find higher paying clients.

Build Portfolio

The portfolio is something which you will need to continuously keep updated and shiny while you are working in the remote field. Working hard on this now can have some pretty beneficial effects in the future. Especially once you start submitting applications for higher paying gigs.

Raising Your Prices

As you have the portfolio and experience, you will naturally start to increase in value as a worker. One way to notice this happening is when you start to have way more work then you can handle. Using some simple supply and demand logic, increase your prices at this time. As your price goes up, you may have a little less work, but will still be able to secure the same level of income.

Finding Higher Paying Clients

Once you find your first online job, the search doesn’t quite stop there. Always be on the lookout for higher-paying work and clients. Whatever your favorite platform is, stay on it. Spend a few minutes each day looking at new opportunities. If you find something that looks better, send in an application. This practice will help you to both remain employed and to eventually get a better salary.

Major Points & Summary

If you want to find online jobs, you will need some time and money in order to make the switch. However, the good news is that you have chosen a great time to do this. Many companies are starting to hire remote workers since it can benefit both parties.

There are many different platforms for you to find online jobs. Most importantly, once you finally learn how to work remote you will quickly be able to build a portfolio and secure higher paying clients.


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