My name is Anna and I am the CEO of a Remote-Focused Recruitment Agency. We’ve been operating for the past year offering online businesses the support they need to grow their teams with our Done-For-You service. We cover everything from the vision of the role, attracting hundreds of candidates, to filtering for the absolute best for our clients.

We’ve grown to the point where we need an amazing Growth Manager with a solid marketing background to join our team (work family) and help us reach the next level.

The Role and Who We Are Looking For

This is a part-time role for a Growth Manager with a solid marketing background who can dedicate their knowledge, expertise and time to bring in quality leads we can turn into customers and do so using the various knowledge and skills they have up their sleeve. We aren’t picky on your approach!

We are happy to bring this person on full-time within 3 months if it will be a good fit for the Growth Manager and our team.


1st Section – The basics you gotta know

  • UI/UX
  • Analytics/Understanding and interpreting data
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Acquisition (social or google ads)
  • Sales and Cold Outreach Strategies

Note: We are not looking for you to be an expert in it all, but a general understanding of trends and basic experience of the points mentioned within this list is a must.

2nd Section – Expertise

We don’t need you to excel in everything on that list, except for one. We’d love to know what you are an expert in and your preferred method of attracting leads that has proven to be successful in the past. We will ask for testimonials/references and/or a project portfolio.

3rd Section – English & Remote Readiness

  • Fluent English communication and written skills are a must.
  • Experience working online or have an understanding of remote working & what it entails.
  • Highly independent and not seeking for direction from management. (You can play, test and experiment on your own and the freedom inspires you)
  • An understanding of KPIs, and how to hold up to work standards of execution on a weekly basis.


  • Set achievable goals/targets on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Create and present comprehensive and detailed strategies for attracting leads.
  • Work with our team on executing finalized projects.
  • Do the work 🙂

What We Offer

The fun part. As you grow our client base, we’d love to help you grow too! Here is what you can learn with us as well as perks:

  • The freedom and guidance to experiment and play with strategies rather than a required to-do list.
  • Online Recruitment funnels, tactics and how it all works!
  • A flexible work schedule (we value your results over hours worked)
  • Biweekly salary + bonuses/commission
  • Training (we’ll help you grow your skills!)
  • The freedom to work from anywhere.

The Process

We have a 5-step recruitment process in place. That means it might take up a few weeks before you go through all the steps necessary to be hired. Please apply if you have the skills and desire to join our work family and grow alongside with us!