Founded in 2005, today over 300,000 websites have used Crazy Egg to understand how their audience experiences their website and their product. We are pioneers in data visualization, in conversion rate optimization, and in helping small and medium businesses get immense value quickly and accurately from incredibly large data sets. That’s what we love to do. We are looking for an Inside Sales Representative who is hungry and eager to pursue the volume of opportunities we bring in every day.

You will be joining a small, but passionate Crazy Egg team. You will have clearly articulated goals, a playbook we’ve been building internally for 6 months as a baseline, and a clear set of opportunities to work from when you’re ready to dive in (after we get you trained and comfortable with the product, our customers, and our shared goals). We believe a super majority of your first year will be spent closing opportunities that have been organically generated vs having to do any sort of outbound pursuit.

Here’s what that looks like at Crazy Egg, and here are the values you’d be excited to stand behind:

As a team we strive for:

  • Direct, undeniable, customer impact. We have incredible customers that we’re grateful for and we believe the best teammates are the ones who, regardless of function or discipline, are eager and excited to find a way to connect their work directly to customers.
  • Trusted independence with interdependence. You are fully trusted as a full owner of the work you do; self-determined, responsible, accountable, and celebrated. With that freedom, you acknowledge, a broader social context. We work together, we partner, we collaborate, and we make sure the work we take on and hand off is done thoughtfully and with care.
  • Assume positive intent. All outcomes may not be what we desire, what we expected, or what we needed. But they happened because people take chances and are willing to make decisions. We assume people try their hardest and try their best, we assume their actions started with the most positive of intentions. Every conversation, assessment, piece of feedback, starts with that assumption, on both sides. This ensures our team is built on a foundation of trust.
  • Care and inclusion; sincerely. We work at Crazy Egg because we believe in the opportunity, we believe in the vision, we believe in our people, and we believe in our ability to build something wonderful. It is those beliefs that also mean we care about the market, we care about the vision, we care about each other, and we care about building something wonderful. When all of this falls into place, our customers are able to build better businesses and succeed.
As an Inside Sales Representative at Crazy Egg, here’s what we hope you are passionate about:

  • Collaborating with the team here at Crazy Egg, to make yourself smarter about the customer, to make everyone else more empathetic to what the market is demanding, and in the end, to elevate the level of what we can offer to every customer you interact with.
  • Helping customers achieve their goals acknowledging that is the only way they choose to become a customer and to stay one. This means you start by understanding their needs, their goals, and their priorities, and use that to arrive at a place where Crazy Egg is a good solution (and you’re also willing to tell them when we aren’t).
  • Researching prospects and renewal opportunities to understand who they are and what their activity and engagement looks like so you can have an informed conversation with every person you talk to.
  • Entrepreneurially and passionately (sometimes aggressively but never disrespectfully) pursuing opportunities where you believe we are positioned to add clear value.
  • Maintaining and reporting on your pipeline transparently. This means being public about what’s happening and what’s expected, as well as what we lost and why, while also ensuring there is a system of record where this information is stored (we currently use Help Scout and Hubspot CRM, but we’re open to a new system if you need and want one).
  • Requirements
  • Proven inside sales experience
  • Track record of over-achieving quota
  • Strong multi-channel communication skills (email, phone, social, chat, and anything else that can break the communication overload our customers face)
  • Experience working with a CRM
  • Strong listening and presentation skills
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Natural empathy and curiosity
Perks and Benefits:

  • We believe in building the best team possible, regardless of geographic location. Our team is fully distributed all over the world and we believe in working where you’re the most productive and happiest.
  • We have full trust in you and believe in finding a good balance. Work should be a marathon, not a sprint, and so we offer several days of paid vacation.
  • We provide full benefits of Dental/Medical.
  • We believe in supporting your growth and opportunity. Crazy Egg was founded 14 years ago by accomplished founders. If you are looking to learn what it takes to one day break off on your own and start your own startup, we think this is a good opportunity for you.
Direct applicants only. No recruiters please.

Application Requirements

Your application will demonstrate your ability to connect with someone at a company; it’s the first piece of interaction we’ll use to evaluate your fit for this position at Crazy Egg.
Send a link to your experience (LinkedIn profile and/or resume).
Outside of that, find a way to stand out and to win hearts and minds at Crazy Egg.

After the Application

We will be collecting applications for 2 weeks after which a handful of applicants deemed the best overall fit by our team will receive a Task as a follow-up; the task will be used as a topic of discussion during subsequent interviews.