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Here are a few more resources to assist in helping you land your dream job to work from anywhere and make sure to check out our FAQ at the end!

#1. Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever – with over 400+ five-star reviews on Amazon, this is the best resource for helping you find a remote job or to work overseas. The book provides insights for working visas, job hunting, travel tips and much more!

#2. Visa Requirement Calculator – Sometimes traveling to a new country can get really complicated. This free tool allows you to find out what visa you need for every country in the world.

#3. Working Holiday Visas – did you know Americans are eligible for a variety of working visas in other countries? For example, USA has an agreement with New Zealand where we can work in their country for up to one year. In addition to this, the USA has agreements and visa opportunities with countries such as Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Frequently Ask Questions about finding Remote Jobs!

What are Remote Jobs?

The term “remote jobs” can be used to describe a large set of many different potential jobs which are done away from the office of your employer. For example, if you work at the physical location from where your employer is located, then it doesn’t qualify as a remote job.

Remote jobs are the type of jobs which require certain skills, but not all of them require technical skills. Since they depend on your ability to use a computer and have access to the internet, remote jobs typically (but not always) involve some basic computer skills. Any sort of job where work can be completed and paid for without physical contact between the employer and an employee can qualify as a remote job.

What are the Best Remote Jobs?

In terms of pay, many people are able to pull in 6 figures doing work that involve specialized skills. Some of the best remote jobs include developing, coding, software engineering, content managers, copyrighting, marketing automation, affiliate marketing, and much more. If you want a remote job which you enjoy, then the salary you receive may not necessarily affect your decision.

A remote job is a job where you don’t have to work from a physical location designated by your employer. In other words, you are free to work from anywhere that provides you the means for completing and turning in your work. The best remote jobs are all careers which fit into this category of work. However, the overall best remote job can be rather subjective.

Do Remote Jobs Pay Less?

In order to determine if a remote job will pay less than what you currently receive, you need to start by comparing what your current circumstances to the results that have been witnessed by remote workers that you can model after. For example, if you work as a teacher than you need to compare your salary with the salary offered by companies which hire online remote workers.

In some cases, remote workers receive less than what they do from their previous jobs. However, you also need to factor in the cost of living. If you work remotely from a location which is more affordable, you can feasibly end up saving more money at the end of each month.

How Can I Work for Amazon from Home?

There are many ways to work for Amazon from home. You can either be directly affiliated with Amazon or run a business which depends on Amazon for profit. One of the common ways to work for Amazon from home is to have a job in customer service, technical support, developing, and programming.

Another popular way which people will work for Amazon is to have an affiliate marketing website business. Amazon pays a healthy commission to people who help them sell products. Typically, this can be done by posting videos, blog posts, and advertisements in creative manners to market products sold by Amazon.

What is the Difference Between Remote and Work from Home?

Remote works and jobs where you work from home are actually very similar. If you have a remote job, you are probably able to work from home. However, working from home typically involves you working from a permanent residence that you either own or rent.

On the contrary, a remote job is a type of job where you don’t necessarily have to be at your residence. It can be done at a workshare office or any place with access to the internet. If your career requires you to be at your home office, it doesn’t qualify as a remote job.

What are the Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs?

The salary you receive for just about any sort of job, whether it be an average desk job or one that you can do from home can have a diverse range of salaries. If you want to work from home and set your self up for success, though, there are certain careers which tend to pay a little bit more than others.

One of the most high-paying remote jobs that you can do from home as a developer, IT Consultant, Marketing Director, Sales Manager or Customer Service Coordinator. There are a wide range of high paying remote jobs, but it takes skill and patience to find the perfect job for you.  

What are the Highest Paying Online Jobs?

The highest paying online jobs are not always easy to secure. In fact, many positions where people receive a nice chunk of money involved plenty of blood sweat and tears along the way. As an example, somebody who works as a blogger, marketing specialist, or executive assistant can take home $55k – $65k a year.

Typically, a person who has technical skills such as being able to code, design websites, create software, and so on are able to consistently bring home some of the highest average salaries. The majority of jobs featured on Global Career range from $45,000 – $75,000 per year. That is just the average and we even have some jobs that pay well over $100,000 per year!

What Type of Jobs Can You Do from Home?

Regardless of what type of education and career path you have chosen so far into your life, it is likely that you can easily transition over to a job that you can do straight from home. For example, if you work for a business you can easily transition over to a virtual assistant where you help business carry out day-to-day functions.

In addition, you could get a job as a web developer, data entry specialist, transcriptionist, travel agent, freelance writer, translator, and much more. Many people start out doing one of these jobs before transitioning over to new ones. The best part about working from home is that you don’t necessarily have to stick with one career path until you are happy with what you are doing and your salary.

What Online Jobs Really Pay?

In most scenarios an online job will pay about the same, but you are normally able to save a lot more since there is no commute required. In order to find the best online job, start by considering what your monthly budget is. Then, look at your current salary. In all likelihood, you will be able to find an online job which pays the same, if not much more, than your current job.

Some of the popular and potentially high-paying jobs include affiliate marketing, online teaching, blogging, vlogging, social media marketing and advertising, graphic design, coding, software development, and so on. If you have some basic technical skills or are willing to learn them, you will be able to find an online job which pays the salary you want.

What Jobs Can I Do from Anywhere?

There are many different types of jobs that you can do from anywhere. For starters, in order to work from anywhere, you will need a job which is based online. The internet is what gives you the keys to securing a remote job where you can work from anywhere.

If you want to be on the beach sipping smoothies while getting some work done, there are many different options for you to consider. This includes a job like blogging, software engineering, website design, coding, teaching, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, and much more.

Can You Work Remotely at Google?

Google has many different positions where you can theoretically work remotely. In many cases, Google employees will work from home for extended periods of time. Since the technology is available for many of their workers with technical skills to work remotely, it is possible.

However, this isn’t entirely the case. Many of Google’s workers with technical skills are still required to work from the company headquarters. Although Google may choose to hire remote workers from time-to-time, there is no concrete yes or no answer to this question.

Can I Work Remotely?

If you have been struggling to find a way to get out of your normal desk job, then here is some good news for you. In today’s world, you can work remotely. A remote job is a position where you are able to choose your working location.

There are many different ways that you can work remotely. Many jobs require you to have access to the internet and some basic technical skills such as coding and software engineering. However, there are also many tasks like transcription, data entry, and writing which don’t require too much background experience or education.  

How to Find Remote Jobs?

Having a remote job is a trend these days. If you are serious about securing a job which will grant you the freedom of working on your laptop, then you need to know how finding a remote job works. Here are three basic steps to help you get your career started.

1. Consider Your Skills

The first step in determining which type of remote job that you are qualified for requires a little bit of soul-searching. In most cases, your first remote job will only come once your new employer realizes that you have the talent to handle the job in the first place. There is no way to fool people into thinking you have certain skills at the end of the day. Do it right. If you need some extra training or certifications to do a certain job, then get them.

2. Build a Résumé

At this point in your professional career, you should already have built a résumé. In order to help you secure a remote job, let’s go ahead and take that résumé and give it a nice upgrade. If you had to get new certifications for your new target career, go ahead and list them.

Go back into each of the relevant sections where you describe previous work and see if you can make them connect to your new target career. Do a complete résumé makeover and try to see it in the eyes of your new potential employers.

3. Find the Platform to Apply on

In order to secure a remote job, you can either find employers on your own or use a platform where employers go to find their new employees. For this reason, it is recommended to go to a remote job board. From there, you will be able to find the most options and save a little bit of time which you could have otherwise spent finding companies. The idea here is to let the employers come to you, instead of the other way around.

4. Be Patient & Persistent

As a complete beginner to the industry, you might not get immediate interest from employers. Do not let this temporary failure stop you, though. Most importantly, don’t use an initial week or so of silence convince you to quit finding a remote job.

It takes patience and persistence to get your first remote job. Don’t worry, though, everybody has to start from somewhere. With enough effort, you will soon secure your first remote job. Anybody who is new to working remotely will struggle a lot more than an experienced remote worker in finding a job.

5. Build Your Portfolio

Odds are likely that your first remote job will not be one that you hold on to forever. This is why you should use this first job as a learning experience for future jobs. Also, one that you can use as a stepping stone for increasing your rates in the near future. As you work your first remote job, build a portfolio of your work. This way, you will be able to get a much higher-paying job in the future.

Do you Post Remote Jobs that are Part Time?

Global Career is a great place to find remote jobs part-time. From our job search page, you will be able to find all of the current part-time jobs which are seeking applicants. Just be sure to confirm that the total amount of work being offered will fit your schedule. Remote jobs are not always priced according to the number of hours you work. This means that you might need to spend some time working a job before you fully realize how many hours are necessary.

Why are Some Remote Jobs Part Time?

Not all people seeking to have a worker that needs a full-time salary. Typically, employers will either offer a salary position for a part-time remote job or will engage with the employee to determine a fair rate. In cases where the rate is determined by the number of tasks complete, it can completely bypass the need for counting work hours. People who are able to work multiple part-time jobs prefer the ability to handle multiple clients at the same time for various reasons.

Why Remote Jobs Part Time Can Have an Advantage

Part-time remote jobs come with various different potential advantages for the worker. For starters, keep in mind that each remote job has a certain degree of value to the employer. If you do good work, then, employers will always come back for more work.

If you are efficient at the job that you do, having a part-time remote job will then allow you to work with many clients. This both makes it easier to lose a job, and add on more work as you please. For this reason, many remote workers will feel that they have an advantage to those who rely on only one source of income.

What Type of Remote Jobs are Usually Part Time?

There are many types of remote jobs which can be part-time. It’s also important to understand that most full-time remote jobs which are available can also be part-time. Here are some of the most popular part-time remote jobs:

  • Copywriter.
  • Social Media Marketer.
  • Customer Support.
  • Google Ads Specialist.
  • Coding.
  • Teaching English.
  • Data Entry.

As long as you are willing to learn a skill, there are endless remote jobs part time to consider. Learning a technical skill like coding can help you secure some of the best entry-level incomes. Sticking to what you are good and experienced with can also reap pretty good financial results as a remote worker, though, too.

Where to Find a Part Time Remote Jobs

If you want to search through the many different part-time remote jobs that are available, start by considering which part-time remote jobs would be best. There are many great potential careers for you to consider. In order not to make a decision which you later regret, though, a little bit of background research will save you from a potential career change and/or bad professional reference.  

Finding Remote Jobs with Amazon?

If you want to work, finding remote jobs with Amazon is another great option to consider. As one of the world’s consistently large online marketplaces, Amazon is always expanding its reach and hiring new positions.

It’s important to note right away, though, that a large chunk of the jobs offered by Amazon requires a specific location of some sort. For this reason, don’t make this the only place to search if this is your first time finding a remote job. If you are lucky, though, you can still secure a fully remote job with Amazon.

Amazon Offers Remote Jobs

Amazon lists many different virtual location jobs, which usually require the applicant to be based in a particular part of the world. The only other requirement that is consistent among the different jobs is that you can reliably access the internet.

You need to be aware that many virtual location jobs actually require you to be home-based from a particular location. Typically, these locations are in areas where Amazon doesn’t have a physical location nearby. For this reason, they will hire people who work in target locations of the world.

Common Skills Necessary for Remote Amazon Jobs

If you want to work for Amazon remotely, then there are many potential skills which you can have. Proficiency in a particular language, customer service, and delivery consultancy are popular positions. Those who can work in human services might also be able to find a remote job with Amazon.

How to Find Remote Jobs from Home?

Those who have remote jobs from home typically gain their clients through online platforms. Although it is possible to get remote jobs from home after meeting others in the professional world field, it is much more likely to find them online.

The beautify of working online is that any remote job will grant you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world which has an internet connection. Here are three common platforms for finding remote jobs from home.

If you are still learning how to work remote, then you will go through a learning curve in order to get your first remote job and take it to the point where you travel around the world. Popular platforms in all three of the above categories have risen up recently, making it much easier than ever to secure remote jobs from home.

There are various platforms such as Global Career, where you can search and post remote jobs. The beauty of this platform is that it only features remote jobs, which makes it easier for people seeking this type of position to feel a lot more comfortable.

Do you Post Remote Customer Service Jobs?

Becoming a customer service agent and working remotely from the internet is becoming a great option for many people. Especially if you already have experience working in a similar environment, such as a call center. This can be a great way to secure a pretty nice remote job online, too.

What Type of Customer Service Remote Jobs are there?

Out of all the many different remote jobs, customer service is one of the most consistent types of jobs that are available. This can be for large corporations handling phone calls, or with a private website helping with e-mails from their subscribers.

Customer Service Articles Are Constantly Featured

If you really want a secure and long-term remote job, customer service is a great niche to specialize in. The beauty of customer service jobs is that they are constantly popping up. If you are qualified and experienced, it is especially easy to secure long term remote work in customer service.

Many Different Types of Customer Service Remote Work

When you work with customer service, there are many potential types of businesses and positions which you can work. Typically, this depends on the overall size of the business, the language(s) that you speak, the number of support requests you can handle in a day, and many other factors.

Where to Find Remote Jobs in Accounting?

An industry as broad and diverse as accounting makes it a wonderful place to consider finding a remote job in. For starters, those who currently work in accounting for employers who trust their work should start by asking your current employer about working remotely.

Finding remote jobs in accounting has never been as easier than it is today. There are many different online job portals which list accounting jobs every day. If you are an experienced accountant, then, you will easily be able to compete with any other accountant seeking a new remote job.

There Are Lots of Full and Part-Time Remote Jobs in Accounting

Many accountants which only seek remote jobs in accounting which are part-time positions. In fact, many remote workers like this type of work since it allows them to easily work with more than one client and have many sources of income.

Of course, there are also many different accountants who want remote jobs which are solely full time. The best thing to do, in either circumstance, is to clear things up right away during the application process. Those who want to be a full-time or part-time remote account, though, be aware that there is a thriving and growing job market seeking people with these skills.  

Are there Remote Jobs for Recruiters?

If you are good at marketing and recruiting people to get jobs, being a recruiter is a great option to consider on the way. Many companies are not able to find people to work their positions locally and are willing to seek remote recruiters to help them fill their positions.

One of the thriving markets for recruiting is for those who can reach out to English speakers who might be interested in teaching English online. However, this is also common for many other types of international jobs where the English language is one of the ultimate barriers to finding trusted employees.

Many Different Recruiter Niches

Although English teaching recruiters are a common position, it is also common for recruiters to work for large corporations who need lots of help for a relatively short contract, such as 6 to 12 months. If you are experienced with remote jobs, recruiter work is another great option for you to consider.

Since there are many different types of niches and industries seeking recruiters these days, it is another one of the best remote work jobs. As a beginner to remote work, this is also another one of the best industries to look into, since the jobs are usually pretty easy to learn.

Best Site to Find Remote Jobs Online?

There are many different remote jobs online. In order to find the best platform, you should first start by considering what your skills at. After all, there are many different websites which are specially-geared towards a certain type of remote work.

If you are new to remote work, then you should keep in mind that there are also websites which offer both short and long-term work for all different positions. This makes it easier for people who are newer to this type of working industry to get a grasp on what they are best at.

Many Different Platforms to Find Remote Jobs Online

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it helps allow us to have many different companies and options to work remotely. If you want a long-term position, it is best to go with a trusted company of some sort directly. There, you are more likely to find a long-term contract of some sort.

If you are willing to start off your online career at a place where short-term positions help you build your résumé, you should consider using a freelance website of some sort. Those with skills they know will be useful for remote jobs in a certain niche should use a remote job board to find the best selection of remote jobs online.

Are there any Remote Jobs at Google?

Google is one of the world’s largest companies, making them one of the first ideas in mind when people are considering a career change. Although there are certainly remote jobs at Google, this is not one of the most common types of jobs that you will find.

It’s important to understand that Google is, as we said, a large corporation. This means that they have locations all over the world offering world-class amenities to their employees. In some circumstances employees from Google are certainly able to work from home, they will typically be found at the office.

Will Require Special Permission

Since there are many different locations where Google employees can work from, and circumstances where employees simply need to be at an official location, Google does offer positions which are completely remote. You usually need special permission to do this.

Unless Google offers you a position where you are given the freedom to work remotely from the get-go, then you will typically need to work from an official office. From there, you will have to put in a little bit of time and prove yourself before this topic is even addressed.

Typically, though, working for Google doesn’t necessarily imply that you will be able to work remote.

Tips on Finding Remote Jobs Near Me

If you want to find a remote job, remember that your location will usually not be that important. In order to work remote, you do not need to have a physical office location. This is the beauty of working online. When you are ready to find a remote job, broaden your search towards companies all around the world.

Working with companies who do not operate under a country which uses the U.S. dollar is actually a very viable option. Typically, even companies which you can work for abroad will pay you in the USD, making it much easier to work for companies worldwide.

If you are not able to find a remote job from a company which is locally-based, you will still have plenty of chances to find a job which isn’t run by somebody locally. In fact, it is much likelier that you will end up securing your first remote job position from somebody who doesn’t live near you.

Where to Find Remote Jobs for Teachers?

There are many great places to find remote jobs for teachers. Typically, the vast majority of remote jobs for teachers are for people who can teach English as a second language. In order to be an English teacher, you will usually need to have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification. If you don’t have one of these items, this would be a great place to start.

Those with previous teaching experience may be able to bypass the need for one of the previously mentioned certifications. Especially if you specialized in teaching English. To do this, all you need to do is be able to prove your experience and current teaching credentials.

Remember that just about anybody can find remote jobs for teachers, though. With affordable and simple programs like the TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA, it is easier than ever to become an internationally-respected English teacher. Once you are ready to find your first job, there are usually lots of opportunities available.