3D Designer 

Location: Sterling, VA or Remote 

Company Overview: 

Dedrone is the world’s most trusted smart airspace security company. Hundreds of commercial, government and military customers around the world rely on Dedrone’s comprehensive, command and control (C2) solution to protect against the persistent and escalating threat from drones while enabling “good” drones to fly. By leveraging AI/ML, Dedrone is the only solution that provides continuous, autonomous interrogation and verification of drones that enables both multi-sensor and multi-mitigation options onto a single fused “pane-of-glass”. Whether on-premise / air-gapped or in the cloud, Dedrone customers can easily detect, track, identify, analyze, and mitigate drone threats.

Dedrone is seeking a 3D designer to produce high quality, static 3D polygon assets for foreground and mid-distance outdoor scenes that consists of uneven terrain, vegetation (trees, shrubs, grass, etc.), buildings, utility poles, streets, sidewalks, etc.

The 3D objects will only be viewed from an outdoor perspective which should require minimal, if any, interior geometry. All 3D objects will need to have a “commonplace” appearance and foreground objects should have a gently “lived in” appearance with subtle weathering and imperfections. Your 3D models will be used in a real-time 3D game engine and will need to have consistent quality when viewed from any angle (no billboard/sprite-like objects).

Model parameters:

  • Objects must match real-world dimensions, centimeters preferred.
  • Objects must be aligned to Z-up, X-forward axes.
  • Objects must consist of clean, watertight, manifold geometry, consistent UVs and face + vertex normals and smoothing groups.
  • Quad faces preferred, tris OK, faces with 5 or more edges not allowed.
  • 4K textures required, however shaders/materials are optional
  • Texture maps must be suitable for standard game shaders/PBR materials
  • Albedo/base color, metalness texture maps required
  • Opacity and normal texture maps as needed
  • Output files should be in binary FBX format, embedded textures preferred.
  • Do not include cameras or lights.
  • Animations are not required
  • A single FBX file should contain only a single 3D asset (it should not contain an entire scene)
  • High-poly objects must include at least 3 LOD variants
  • Low-poly objects do not need LOD variants

Knowledge of 3D game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine) preferred but not required.

At Dedrone, we believe that great ideas come from anywhere. We support a collaborative environment and value open participation from individuals with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We believe having a diverse team makes Dedrone a more interesting and innovative place to work, and we strive to make Dedrone a welcoming and inclusive place for all

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