FRONTEND with Kotlin.Develop yourself as an Android developer at BOOZ, where you will have the possibility to work with multiple latest generation technologies, in addition to forming solid foundations!Your main role will be working on our Android application. That is why it is very important to us that you have a very good handling of Kotlin.Experience in Nodes is essential, that you feel very comfortable with this environment. We highly appreciate that you have knowledge of the latest development technologies, such as NextJs / React / React-Native, but that you also have a good base of Javascript. It will be very important to manage a good level of logic in our business, understand well the needs we have and what we want to achieve, for always the best possible experience, your focus on improving experiences will be key!A project leader will be assigning you programming tasks, where you will have to solve current problems with development, or start a new application within our platform, from scratch. Your base team will be in conjunction with a programmer with more full-stack experience, who will be able to guide you in how the platform works.Your responsibility will be to create quality solutions, with the best development practices, and pass the requirements requested by the project leader. You will work mainly on the front and back-end, on various projects, starting with the website itself. You will put your developments to the test with thousands of real clients, you will face challenges of scale, optimization and experience!You will learn a lot, and what you can contribute will be highly valued. Our work environment is flexible, results-oriented, we constantly discuss new trends and technologies, we have a great time and we learn!

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