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Hello! We’re Bellawatt! We’ve been remote, bootstrapped, and profitable for 7+ years. We work in the energy industry, building software for clients such as electric utilities and solar installation companies.

We’re looking for a senior lead full-stack engineer to build web applications that help accelerate electrification. Publicly available examples include PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Marketplace:

Compensation and Benefits
We know this section is a pass/fail filter in your job search, so let’s get right to it:
  • $145k/yr salary 💰for US-based candidates; $115k/yr salary for Canada-based candidates
  • Fully remote work environment
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Macbook provided
  • Home office budget
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Learning budget
  • Something missing? We’re small enough to try to make it work. Let’s chat!
Your Day-to-Day
In a typical week, you will spend:
  • 3-4 days writing code
  • 0.5-2 days supporting a project (planning, scheduling, reporting)
  • 0.5-2 days supporting colleagues (code review, knowledge sharing, dev tooling)
  • < 0.5 day in internal company activities like our weekly team meetings

Here are some real tasks that Bellawatt developers have done in the recent past:
  • Expand a complicated background process that synchronizes and normalizes data from multiple external data sources into a datastore that we control
  • Build an admin UI that controls aspects of the data synchronization
  • Estimate future projects. Evaluate which time estimates are risky and plan how to address the risk.
  • Build a prototype to test functionality of an API for a future project
  • Build a rich, interactive JavaScript UI that calculates the financial impact of an electric vehicle on a person’s electricity bill.
How We Work
We are organized into small teams of 2-4 people working on 2-18 month long projects, often in greenfield codebases.
  • Engineers typically work on 1 to 2 client projects at a time in order to minimize context switching.
  • Engagements often have multiple follow-on phases because we earn our clients’ trust.
  • We have an async-first culture with few scheduled meetings and a lot of writing. We value deep work time.
  • Sustainable hours. We are highly self-motivated folks, and we work really hard to meet our goals. But we value work life balance and know that fresh minds work better. Long or weekend hours are vanishingly rare here.
About You
Here are the skills you’ll need to succeed at Bellawatt:
  • Production experience with Ruby on Rails and React. 
  • Strong project skills. Our small teams are so effective because we work together towards our goals. That means being responsible for hitting deadlines (or having the confidence to gently push back on them!) and helping our product team manage a project.
  • Self sufficiency. You should have the ability to manage your own time, unblock yourself and unblock your team. That is not to say you should never get stuck! Part of self sufficiency is knowing when to raise your hand for help, and we like to help each other.
  • A writer at heart. You enjoy communicating complex ideas via text. You proofread, even when sharing “rough drafts”.  You use writing to clarify your thinking.
  • Curious tenacity. If you have to occasionally pull yourself out of a rabbit hole because a problem just won’t let go of your curiosity, then you’ll fit in here.
How to Apply
We are excited to add a new colleague! And we won’t waste your time – our interview process is straightforward:
  1. Fill out our application form at If you email us, we’ll likely miss it!
  2. An Informal Interview (30 min) where we get to know each other and discuss expectations. If there’s mutual interest, we’ll ask you for a recent writing sample (something you’ve written previously about a complicated technical topic) and send a couple questions for you to answer in writing.
  3. A Technical Interview (2 hours) where we code together in VSCode’s LiveShare. We will be collaboratively looking at problems inspired by things we actually work on – no bubble sorts or leetcode trick questions. You should have a clear sense of whether you’ll like working with us after we wrap up.
  4. A Case Study (90 min) that seeks to simulate what it would be like for us to actually work together on a project, including a Product team member.
  5. We’ll send you an offer within a week.
That’s it! We don’t like drawn-out interview processes any more than you do. Looking forward to connecting!

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