Job description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and continuously improve the deposit and withdrawal business of digital assets of the exchange;
  • Improve the maintenance system tool chain of various wallets to improve work efficiency;
  • Improve the basic development and testing facilities to improve the efficiency and quality of daily opening;
  • Explore the characteristics of various nodes in the blockchain field, and make improvements or suggestions to the code of infrastructure such as nodes if necessary;
  • Assist colleagues to do Code Review


  • Solid algorithm foundation;
  • Master the Java language and related tools, understand the use and design principles of relational databases, understand common security authentication mechanisms, and understand some system attack methods;
  • Able to write simple front-end pages for internal use;
  • Multi-technology stack background, mastering Golang language is preferred, or can use one or more languages ​​such as Rust, Node, Python, etc.;
  • The code is neat;
  • Those who understand the basics of blockchain, EVM, smart contracts, etc. are preferred


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