BulletFarm is looking for a Gameplay Animator with a focus on First Person Perspective gameplay to join a forming team as we set out to build a new co-op FPS.  We are a small, highly collaborative team focused on making awesome games for people to play, and we’re looking for folks who are excited to work together and learn new things.

The Job

Help bring both player characters and enemies to life in a new co-op FPS. You will:

  • Work closely with design, art, and engineering teams to help breathe life into characters
  • Create production ready animations using mocap data and key-frame techniques
  • Use commercially available (Blender, Maya, Motion Blender, etc) software to create animations and then implement them accurately in Unreal Engine 5
  • Implement animations in Unreal, ensuring smooth transitions and interaction
  • Champion Character, Controls, and Camera principals and apply them to both 1st and 3rd person views


  • Have 4 years or more of experience as a gameplay animator in a First Person Perspective game
  • Deep understanding and confidence in animation software (Blender, Maya, others)
  • Have experience working on both humanoid characters and bipedal/quadrupedal creatures

For this position, we are hiring on talent and cultural fit first and foremost, but extra points for:

  • Co-Op and Multiplayer games experience, or at least a strong desire to work on games of this type
  • Have shipped at least 1 AAA Unreal Engine Game

Please come work with us if any of this sounds exciting to you:

  • Want to work on both realistic animation for player characters, but also design on how creatures and monsters move and fight
  • Occasionally working within 2D animation
  • Being a part of the start-up team in a new game studio – excited by the ability to define the pipelines and hand-pick the tools that make you the most efficient
  • Want to work from (almost) anywhere in the world – including your own home

Salary Ranges

  • Staff Level: $90,000 – $125,000
  • Senior Level: $130,000 – $165,000
  • Principal/Lead Level: $165,000 – $205,000

Disclaimer: Position Leveling to be based on candidate experience and qualifications. Salary Range to be based on qualifications and local cost-of-labor.                                      



We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, so even if you think you are under-qualified, let us decide by showing us your portfolio.