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About you
You’ll consider yourself to be a mid-senior level developer with solid technical ability and good communication, but what really sets you apart is your interest in product engineering. You’re not interested in pumping out leetcode, but instead you’re looking for a rewarding,  creative environment in which to write, prototype, iterate and ship where your work has immediate real-world impact on doctors and patients. Carebit sees itself less as a tech startup and more of a product-led studio, where customers come to us with their problems and we use our platform, features and tools to solve them. Our staff often visit customers to see how they work, feeding back and getting new features designed and shipped for them. 
You’ll be user-focussed and empathetic, and won’t think twice about arranging a video call with the customer to find out their motivations behind a feature request and digging deeper into the problem. It’s likely, as we have found so many times, that there’s even more gold to be found down there if you just keep looking. You’ll enjoy shipping quickly and the rapid dopamine hits from solving customer problems with grateful feedback.  
The role
We have a really exciting roadmap already planned out for 2023 which you’ll help deliver, but equally some of our best features come from prototyping and tinkering. We believe 10 small tweaks can easily surpass 1 big feature in terms of utility, so there is plenty of time available for that too. We encourage taking the time out to refactor, optimise and write tests – this is a platform we are building for the next 100 years.  
You’ll be working closely alongside Dominic, our founder and CTO. He’s worked with startups and product studios like BCG X and built Carebit from an internal tool into what it is today. 
A typical day might consist of discussing customer issues on standup, and perhaps taking a couple to work on during the day. We love quick wins at Carebit. Alternatively, you might choose to get your head down for a few hours to really focus on a big feature from the roadmap. As you might expect from a company founded by a software developer, we don’t do bureaucracy and constant interruptions at Carebit! 
The culture
Ultimately, we want Carebit to be a great place for curious, autonomous people to do their life’s work. We know how important time and space is for creative thinking (as well as the freedom to try new features and prototype new ideas in production), so that’s what we make time for. This isn’t an environment where you’ll be told what to do: there’s a strongly collaborative element but we’ll trust in you to take ownership and take a key role in product at Carebit. If you enjoy that, you’ll feel right at home here. 
Skill requirements
  • Proven ability to take a brief idea from a customer to a designed, shipped and tested feature that wows 
  • Ability to see the big picture when building a feature (e.g. how it can be made modular or flexible to accommodate changes in future, or where else could it be deployed in the Carebit application?) 
  • A keen eye for UI and UX, colour, simplicity and hierarchy 
  • 3+ years of Rails and Ruby experience (we’re on Ruby 3.1 and Rails 7) 
  • 3+ years of React + JavaScript ES6 experience 
  • Experience with AWS and Docker desirable 
  • Infrastructure knowledge a definite bonus  
  • Personal startup/side project experience desirable – even if it never took off or went anywhere! We’d love to hear about it.
  • Salary in the range of £70-80k + annual bonus 
  • Fully remote within 4 hours of UTC (if UK based, we usually meet up in London every 2-3 months) 
  • MacBook Pro, ergonomic chair and anything else you need to do your best work 

To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter telling us about your experience in product engineering and development specifically. Ideally this will include examples of your work if possible, or describing your development process from idea all the way through to design and development. 

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