Primum CEO JD 

About Redesign

Redesign Health is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer – we recruit, train, compensate and promote our team members based on qualifications. We know how important it is not only to include, but to actively seek out a diversity of opinions and voices.

We want to hear from you regardless of your race, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or any other applicable legally protected characteristics.

About Redesign

Redesign Health is a healthcare innovation platform. We bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors to launch companies that transform the healthcare system and empower people to live their healthiest lives. Our companies include Calibrate, Lively, Vault Health and Jasper. We’re capitalized with permanent capital from world-class institutional investors and entrepreneurs.

At Redesign Health, we’ve unlocked healthcare innovation at scale, and a key aspect of progress toward our mission of redesigning health for everyone is understanding the impact the companies we create have on the healthcare industry and the people who use it. 

That means that as an organization we’re focused on specific areas of impact within healthcare. Those are: increasing access to care, increasing the quality of care provided, removing cost from the healthcare system and improving healthcare equity. 

These four pillars shape everything we do, and every company idea that receives funding at Redesign Health must demonstrate that it has the potential to improve one or more of the above criteria without negatively impacting any of the others. 

Primum was created with the aim to improve the quality of care provided and increase access to care, by enabling community oncologists to tap into a best in class class expert network of highly regarded specialists to inform their care decisions – leveling up their care and allowing more patients to receive better care, close to home.We very much believe this commitment is critical to the long-term success of the company.


About The Job 

Primum Health is a secure peer-to-peer platform for oncologist virtual consultations. Primum bridges the gap between community oncologists, oncology experts and biopharma through its insight generating expert network. Primum drives access to best in class care for cancer patients reliant on community oncologists, increased revenue and clinical care seclusion support for community oncologists, and unprecedented access to biopharma therapy insights, with value for both medical and commercial teams.

What you’ll do:

  • Refine the vision for the company and the overall strategy from early stage to scale.
  • Recruit, retain & develop world-class talent.
  • Drive strategy and decision making across all functional areas, including product, marketing & content, operations, and finance.
  • Determine the highest order KPIs and manage the company and team to measure, monitor and improve them.
  • Lead all fundraising activities to support growth objectives in partnership with RH.
  • Drive operations, including full P&L and cash flow management.
  • Regularly partner and communicate with Redesign Health and relevant investors or Board of Directors.
  • Continue improving on the product and technical vision, the execution framework and the team in close collaboration with the key product and engineering leaders hired.
  • Create and sustain a great company culture with articulated values that provides inspired leadership and enables a great working relationship to the team across all levels.

What you’ll need:

  • Background
    • 10+ years of experience, with progressively more senior roles and in orgs with strong track records and bars for talent.
    • 3+ years building something from 0-1.
    • 5+ years selling into the commercial side of pharma.
    • 5+ years selling SaaS / software / data analytics.
    • Significant Domain Expertise: An understanding of the drivers, pain points, and opportunities within the commercial side of pharma and specialty physicians.
    • Customer Orientation: Demonstrated understanding of end users or customers, adept at hypothesizing, testing, and iterating – recognizing that product-market fit is often hard-fought.
    • Driven Growth and Generated Value with Limited Resources: Built and grown a company or business line from the ground up with limited capital and resources, and ultimately reached a favorable outcome.
    • Financial Accountability: Owned a P&L with responsibility for delivering against gross margins, unit economics, and day-to-day financial performance while adeptly conserving a limited cash runway. 
  • Skills
    • Radical Accountability: Relentless in achieving results (e.g. product-market fit, customer acquisition, fundraising), demonstrates an ability to experiment and show resilience until solving a problem, and invest those around them in being similarly tenacious.
    • Growth Mindset: Confident in your convictions and committed to constant improvement, recognizing that proactively seeking out and acting on feedback from all stakeholders – including your own teams – enables success.
    • Strategic Communication: Strong situational awareness, and know how to leverage your gravitas and dynamic storytelling to inspire investors, sell to customers effectively, and compel top candidates to work with you. 
    • Operational Rigor: Detail-oriented and have an innate bias for proactively digging into metrics and KPIs to diagnose root causes and solve problems.
    • Decisive Leadership: Knows how to gather input from the right stakeholders at the right times without being overly consensus-driven in making decisions.