Headquarters: New York, NY


Experience the exceptional version of Remote Work
  • 100% of the staff works remotely
  • We have been exclusively remote for many years
  • Don’t you want the freedom of remote work?

Get the Training to break into tech management
  • If you have the pose to talk with clients
  • If you know how to take responsibility for consequential things
  • We will train you in the tech management

This role is a part of a training track to learn and grow on our team

  • Bachelor’s degree in a discipline relevant to analytics and/or client services (For example Business, Marketing, Maths, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, etc.)
  • 2 years minimum professional experience
  • Willingness to learn from the ground up, no product-specific experience necessary
  • Strong track record of work-based success with tangible achievements attributable to you
  • Confidence in regularly communicating complex ideas both verbally and in writing
  • Full-time role. Must be located within the United States (W2) or Canada (T4) and able to work EST hours
  • Must be able to pass a background check

  • Translate complex business problems into easily digestible narratives
  • Assist development team in removing blockers and getting questions answered
  • Document requirements provided by the client as user stories and acceptance criteria in a scrum backlog
  • Consult on UI/UX design and usability
  • Facilitate communication between Frontend and Backend development teams, DevOps Engineers, UI/UX Designers and clients

Growing With The Clevertech Product Team
  • You do not need a product background to succeed on our team
  • You do need to be a leader, which comes in different forms (read: leading from behind the scenes or leading out in front)
  • We value growth but it is not always linear. We like to think of it as a ‘choose your own adventure’ path. We provide the tools, you do the heavy lifting

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