Want to improve Developer Experiences? Are you into Kubernetes, AWS and Cloud Native? Hungry for a high autonomy and room for self-development? This job may be for you.

Full-time · 100% Remote team · HQ in Belgium · Within +/- 4 hours of GMT 


What does the job look like?

Together with your other colleagues in the Experts Circle (more on this structure here), you lead in shaping and delivering what we call “opinionated expertise” around SaaS architectures, DevOps and cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. You’ll be working closely with our (future and existing) customers’ technical leads, developers and architects. Furthermore your expertise is fed by the research you do, the customer challenges you explore and the solutions you provide, prototype and roll-out. You help shape the developer-platform blueprint that we have, called our ‘Reference Solution’, which is based on AWS/Azure services, Kubernetes and a bunch of open source software.

Existing customers depend on you for sparring, for help with designing and building new services and learning about DevOps and Cloud Native concepts and best practices. Sales will rely on you to help out with finding the right path to a solution, to help make plans and to onboard new SaaS customers. The world will learn from you through workshops and other content.

Depending on your specific skills, expertise and growth ambitions, you will do any combination of the following (we’ll figure that out with you):

  • Create Statements-of-Work and Prepare work backlogs for new projects

  • Do Proof-of-Concepts, research new platform features and explore exotic use cases for our Reference Solution

  • Design and shape our Reference Solution on a product management level

  • Create a roadmap for the team on both technical and strategic levels

  • Do developer-oriented Kubernetes Workshops, do sparring sessions with developers, guide and support workload migrations

  • Help debug non-urgent, complex workload issues, and respond to advanced support questions

  • Help in project planning and guarding technical context within projects

  • Perform cost optimisation reviews (AWS RI’s, savings plans, sizing and resources allocation, etc.) to maximise cost savings for our customers’ cloud resources

  • Act as a pre-sales engineer in commercial conversations with customers along with our sales team

  • Participate in the on-call rotation involving all technical team members. We rotate weekly with a primary-secondary rotation, addressing production issues and 24/7 escalations. At the moment this is organised in a team of 6 colleagues, thus requires you to be on-call 2 out of 6 weeks.

Skills and expertise
  • You have a consultative/guiding/curious nature

  • You need to be able to figure out and understand the real WHY behind the needs and tech, and propose the best path forward

  • Being able to critically analyse customers requirements and requests to propose the best path forward according to cloud-native standards and best practices

  • Be opinionated on how to do cloud and DevOps things in a SaaS context, but be open to new/different ideas and be able to adjust accordingly

  • Have great writing and communication skills and the ability to deliver your expertise and solutions in clear ways

  • AWS experience is a requirement, Azure knowledge is a bonus

  • Kubernetes experience is a must, specifically conceptual understanding of Kubernetes, its use cases, and operating workloads on it

  • Experience in consulting or (solutions, application, cloud) architecting is a bonus

  • The more experience you have in any category that we are active in, the better. This is anything from DevOps practices, (SaaS) cloud and application architectures, containerisation, application and data migrations, etc

  • Having advanced knowledge in one or more of these areas: security, CI/CD, observability, DR/BC, FinOps, database performance optimisation is definitely a plus

  • Having an AWS certification, a CNCF certification or any other relevant Cloud/DevOps certification is a plus

About you
  • Respect, honesty and transparency are important values to us

  • Excellent writing skills, both for documents and in communication

  • Take responsibility, personal leadership and ownership in the roles and tasks you carry 

  • Open mindset and willing to give AND receive feedback

  • A mindset of continuous improvement: for yourself as a person, for the things we do and figure out and for the team you work in

Compensation and benefits

For this role we’re looking at a yearly compensation of between € 60K and € 95K, depending on your experience, seniority and location of living. This is the budget if we hire you through a contractor-agreement. Depending on where you live, we can also hire you on our payroll in which case we will work out an equivalent gross salary with benefits.

Check out our hiring page for more information on how we determine compensation.

What else do we offer you?

So much! 30 days of vacation, remote working, flexible work-times, personal development through our resident personal coach, conference budget and so on. Too much to list here. Check out the hiring page for details.

Note: we don’t provide visa sponsorships and relocations.

Want do know more?

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