To enable clients projects to be delivered one time and on budget through proper project onboarding, team member scheduling, adherence to project timelines, and problem-solving all while staying calm under pressure. Effin Amazing is looking to hire a new digital project manager to join our remote team!

Responsible for

  • Manage work schedules for the production team and contractors so work is completed on time across all clients and projects
  • Help gather results in analytics tools, review team members’ work, etc.
  • Lead new client onboarding by following our documented process and making it better with each iteration
  • Hold account leads accountable for creating roadmaps for all clients and keep them on schedule to deliver objectives in those roadmaps
  • Accurately manage resource allocation and hours of all marketing teams or contractors.
  • Ensuring all accounts/projects on budget and profitable
  • Correctly break down, schedule, and assign project objectives to ensure profitability and on-time completion.
  • Scheduling team and projects months in advance to enable sales to know the availability of resources
  • Review estimated vs actual time spent on tasks, epics, and projects to improve our estimation process

Skills, talents, and experiences needed to create superior results.

  • 5+ years of experience working as a project manager in an agency, consulting, or professional services environment
  • 5+ years of experience managing complex programs with multiple projects/workstreams/clients
  • Ability to provide specific critical feedback on work products of others and push them to deliver higher quality results with every iteration, no “rubber-stamping” work.
  • Service focused, deliver a positive, professional, and consultative customer experience
  • Data-driven mindset with proven experience utilizing metrics & insights as tools for informed decision-making
  • Proactive, plan ahead, thinking in long term time frames as well as short time frames. Planning the team’s resources while keeping tasks within scope and on time.
  • An extreme eye for detail and has a preference for high quality good looking products, websites, and design
  • Clear communication skills that can speak with authority, while also understanding that they have two ears for listening.
  • Curious to a fault, and wants to make sure they ask clarifying questions to ensure there are no assumptions and all parties are aligned.
  • Exposure to marketing technology like Customer Data Platforms, Event-Driven Analytics, and Marketing Automation

Observable indicators to let you know you are performing well in this role.

  • Project Performance: Maintain an average LER of 3.0 across all projects being managed (total project revenue / total billable hours cost)
  • Team Accountability: Hold team accountable and focused on the client roadmap – 95% of cards in client Trello boards need to map to the roadmap or an internal process (like meeting prep) and 90% of cards need to be completed on time. 95% of late or rescheduled cards have a comment as to why it was late or rescheduled.
  • Project Management: Estimated timing and dependencies mapped out in Trello for the next 2 months for 75% of projects
  • Client Onboarding: Own client onboarding for new clients and new projects for existing clients. This requires zero missed items in the documented new client onboarding process.
  • Client Roadmaps: 80% of projects have a 6-month roadmap. The project manager is responsible for pacing projects correctly for both the client (bring them value) & McGaw (keep us profitable).
  • Resource Allocation: Estimated resource utilization 3 months into the future so that information can be used by the company to justify hiring and closing new deals
  • Process: Plug into the existing project management process, make sure it is documented well for new hires, improve the process with feedback from the team, and make sure the team is following the process
  • Contractors: Keep external contractors on schedule and on budget 75% of the time. Make sure those costs are accounted for in overall client budgets.


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work from anywhere, fully-remote position
  • Premium health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Competitive salary with opportunities for bonus’
  • Flexible federal holidays
  • Company computer
  • Outstanding opportunities for personal growth and career development
  • Continued education and training that exceeds what you have ever seen before

Job Description

As the Project Manager, you will work on the client services team. Your main focus will be to keep projects on schedule and profitable. That’ll happen by supporting account leads in turning strategic roadmaps and estimates into scheduled projects and tasks. As a supporting team member to account leads, you will be involved with creating the agendas for client meetings, helping prep things for the account lead for those meetings, and then will be responsible for taking all actions items from the meeting and getting those delegated, scheduled and added to the roadmap.

You’ll also be in charge of prioritizing work for employees and contractors across different projects. That includes scoping and estimating tasks based on past performance on similar projects and tasks. Also looking back at actual time spent to improve our scoping and estimating process. Our work is very technical and we work at an expert level in many complex areas. Past experience with projects in marketing and sales operations, website development, API integration, data analysis, or related areas, is recommended before applying to this role.

This is a data-heavy role. You will be the embodiment of one of our company values on the client services team: create transparency through data. In addition to traditional project management, you will be responsible for making sure the client services team stays data-driven. That will include leading the collection and analysis of internal data from Trello, Harvest (time tracking), and other systems, as well as incorporating client data to hold the team accountable for client KPI performance.

In your first 3 months, you will get up to speed on our project management process and take over PM responsibilities for all active projects. That includes making sure cards in Trello are written up with relevant details, assigned to the right people, and due dates are laid out in a way that aligns with Client roadmaps while maintaining a reasonable workload for people at McGaw. This work will feed into working with account leads to adjust 6-month roadmaps for all clients and help us with resource allocation so we know how many people we need to hire and how many new projects we can bring on.

In the next 3 months and beyond you will continue managing all clients and projects while holding yourself accountable to the observable indicators listed in bullets above. As part of that process, you will be helping project leads meet their observable indicators on all of their projects, and hold them accountable when they are going off course. We will also look to you for guidance on improving our process. That’ll include digging into the data we have available to make process and system improvements. You’ll analyze time logs from the team, card movements, and other historical events in Trello, and other data to find areas for improvement. This work is critical to creating transparency through data for the internal team.

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