Company Description

We Cook iT is an international software house that delivers software development to its corporate customers by providing highly skilled, communicative IT professionals to build their customized products through outsourcing, nearshoring and turn-key projects’ solutions.

How do we differentiate ourselves? By investing in the professional growth and personal care of our software developers. We provide them with a premium service so that they can do the same for our customers.

Our talented team holds software engineers and sales experts, spread across offices in Europe and South America, and we represent a go-getting and driven company who aims to be an inspiring software house, knowing our future relies on IT.

We Cook iT stand for growth, support, dynamic, companionship and communication. Our head office is located in Portugal in the heart of Lisbon (Avenida da Liberdade) and we work mainly for the European market.

Job Description

One of our customers, with offices throughout Europe, implements innovative IT services. Based on years of experience with roots in the telecommunications environment, they have an extensive range of services.
The special thing about them: they guide their clients through the entire value chain, from process and architecture advice to managed services.

For this client, we are currently looking for a Django Developer to join project based on remote, full-time basis.

  • Framework Proficiency – Extensive experience with Django framework for developing and maintaining web applications.
  • Database Expertise – Proficient in working with Django ORM and PostgreSQL, including schema design, query optimization, and data management.
  • Presentation Layer – Skilled in front-end development using VueJS to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces.
  • Testing Capabilities – Experience in writing automated tests using Pytest to ensure code quality, functionality, and reliability.
  • Developer Skills – Advanced proficiency in Python programming language, Django framework, Django Rest Framework (DRF), PostgreSQL, relational database management, PEP8 compliance for clean code, compatibility with Black for code formatting, and strong type specification practices.
  • Collaborative Team Player – Ability to work effectively within a team environment, collaborate with designers, front-end developers, and other stakeholders, and contribute to project planning, execution, and problem-solving.
  • Continuous Learning – Demonstrated enthusiasm for learning new technologies, frameworks, and best practices to enhance development processes and deliver high-quality solutions.
Additional Information

We are an excellent place to work and develop skills for everyone – including you! We are aimed for a long-term partnership, based on trust and work-life balance. Our culture is based on personal and professional development, therefore we take part in various forums, conferences, training courses and educational events. 

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