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My agency needs a service by someone who is reposting TikToks and Instagram Reels and create new TikTok and Instagram Accounts. It will be 5 tiktoks on at least 6 accounts per day. And 3 instagram posts on 6 accounts per day. Additionally, you also interact on the accounts by answering comments etc.  salary starts at 450$ per month but with good  its also possible to get up to 1000$ monthly if you work consistent and reliable. All you need is at least one Iphone (preferably you have more Iphones). Total amount of hours you work per day is around 3hours. You can work flexible so its not necessary on full time. But we have fixed posting times where you should be able to repost the TikToks and Insta Reels. Its also preferable if you have already experience with TikTok and Instagram, but not mandatory.

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