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At Hadley Designs we make filling customer’s lives with beautiful and inspiring things easy.  With hundreds of products to choose from, we help our customers create a beautiful and inspiring environment to help them become their best selves.  


That’s where you come in as our next Affiliate Program Manager


What Success Looks Like:

Success in the role of Affiliate Program Manager at Hadley Designs is fundamentally tied to the strategic development and expansion of our affiliate network, focusing particularly on maximizing revenues through adept management and engagement of affiliates. Achieving $1,000,000 in annual revenue directly attributed to affiliate sales encapsulates the primary financial goal, setting a clear benchmark for program efficacy. Concurrently, maintaining a net profit of $1,000 per month from these efforts is critical, ensuring that the program not only generates revenue but does so cost-effectively, considering all associated expenses such as COGS, FBA fees, salaries, affiliate commissions, and sample costs. Success in this role demands a meticulous approach to affiliate recruitment, activation, and ongoing management, aiming to continuously grow the number of active affiliates each month. This growth must be supported by robust strategies that not only attract new partners but also foster an environment where existing affiliates are motivated to perform better and generate more sales.


Moreover, refining the onboarding process to expedite the ‘time to first sale’ for new affiliates is a key performance indicator that reflects operational efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. A decrease in this metric month over month indicates a streamlined process that enables quicker ramp-up times for new affiliates, enhancing overall program productivity. Additionally, closely monitoring the Affiliate Churn Rate to ensure it is less than the previous month serves as a critical measure of the program’s health and sustainability. It is essential for identifying potential areas of improvement in affiliate satisfaction and engagement strategies. Managing this churn rate effectively involves implementing targeted support systems, competitive incentives, and personalized communication strategies. Ultimately, success in this role is characterized by a robust, dynamic, and increasingly efficient affiliate network that not only achieves but surpasses set financial targets, while simultaneously fostering long-term, sustainable partnerships that propel brand visibility and sales on Amazon & TikTok Shop.

ONE THING:  Drive $1,000,000 in annual revenue through a meticulous approach to affiliate recruitment, activation, and ongoing management, aiming to continuously grow the number of active affiliates each month.


Primary Objectives 20% BIG ROCKS – These must be done first and at all costs.

  1. 5,000 TikTok Shop Creator Invitations Sent Per Week
  2. 1 Creator Connections Campaign Created Per Day
  3. Reaching out to affiliates that are generating the most revenue, enhancing relationship-building efforts and encouraging them to post more and talk about other products


Regular Work Activities 80% – These must be done ongoing daily/weekly after the BIG ROCKS are complete.  


  1. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze affiliate activity & performance
  2. Profitability Report: Work with Accounting controller to ensure affiliate marketing initiatives are profitable
  3. Develop and maintain CRM to follow up with affiliates to ensure they are posting about our products  
  4. Develop strategies to further build relationships with good performing affiliates
  5. Develop strategy for who we provide free samples to and who we send 50% off promo codes to
  6. Identify facebook groups that may be a good opportunity for us to sponsor a post within
  7. Ensure new products are added to affiliate programs
  8. Create and publish a weekly affiliate newsletter informing affiliates of contests or new products we are running.
  9. Create contests to encourage additional sales from affiliates
  10. Create process to onboard new affiliates to Levanta to manage performance & increase the speed to promotion
  11. Oversea fulfillment of sample orders
  12. Review & Meet with customer service team weekly to get feedback from messages CS team handles. Create solutions for the problems identified.
  13. Create & Update SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures).
  14. Stay up to date on affiliate & digital marketing Tips, Tricks & best practices.
  15. Create & maintain schedule for which products we are creating campaigns for on TikTok Shop & Creator Connections.
  16. Identify strategies to increase number of affiliates (ask new SMS subscribers to apply to be an affiliate)
  17. Review and update onboarding documentation and training materials based on feedback and performance data to streamline the process for new affiliates.
  18. Regularly engage with active affiliates to discuss their performance, understand their challenges, and provide support to optimize their campaigns.
  19. Assess individual affiliate performance to identify high performers and underperformers, and develop strategies to improve overall efficacy.
  20. Deploy and manage timely special offers or incentive programs for affiliates to boost performance, particularly during key shopping periods.
  21. Act as the primary contact for affiliate inquiries and disputes, resolving them efficiently to maintain good relationships.
  22. Conduct A/B Testing: Regularly test different aspects of the affiliate program, such as commission rates, promotional materials, and the affiliate mix, to optimize performance.
  23. Incorporate feedback from affiliates into program improvements to ensure the affiliate program remains competitive and attractive.
  24. Duplicate Commission Monitoring: Implement robust systems to cross-reference commissions and detect any irregularities or duplications in payouts.
  25. Various projects as requested by leadership.



Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Problem Solving
  • Ability to lead by example & encouraging teammates to live up to their full potential
  • Learning based 
  • Service-based attitude 
  • Proven ability to succeed
  • Growth focused
  • Results oriented
  • Attentive to details


Experience, Training, and Education – What prior work and life experience will help the person in this role succeed? (Education, industry-specific, sales, administrative, management, customer-service)


  • Digital marketing background
  • Experience managing CRM database
  • Experience running an affiliate marketing campaign for other companies
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and project management skills.
  • Moderate to extensive experience in e-commerce management, with a preference for candidates familiar with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, ETSY, Walmart, eBay, and TikTok Shop.
  • Proven track record of developing and executing successful e-commerce marketing strategies.
  • Strong leadership skills with experience or potential to build and manage a team.
  • High level of personal accountability
  • Ability to work collaboratively with multiple teams and manage cross-functional projects.
  • History of “owing” the job and never ever giving the job back



  • Remote Work
  • Flexible Time 
  • Paid training
  • Access to Proprietary Information 
  • Join a team of exceptional individuals across the globe with management level experience
  • Virtual Company Team Building Activities 
About the company


Hadley Designs creates invitations, printables, and home decor to help you celebrate life’s joyful moments. Pick from hundreds of templates that you can instantly download, customize, then print as many as you need. Unlike the big box stores online, you’re not limited in what you can personalize….plus you’re not stuck with their high prices and ordering large quantities if you just need a few! So whether it’s a party, wedding, or even your child’s first day of school, we make it easy for people to celebrate life’s joyful moments in fun and creative ways.


Hadley Designs is set to disrupt the entire stationery industry. In todays world, people are becoming more and more busy and spend less time with family due to work, hobbies and other responsibilities. Our mission is to bring family and friends closer together, helping them identify ways to spend meaningful time creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


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