Insomnia Cookies is on a journey to become the most imaginative sweet indulgence brand in the world. As we grow our company and community of Insomniacs, we are actively interviewing candidates for our Summer 2024 Internship program!


Position overview:

The selected Facilities Intern will be responsible for applying their skills, education, and knowledge base to help the Insomnia Cookies Facilities and Construction departments move projects along and reach their end-of-Summer goals. This internship will entail learning and assisting in different facility/construction challenges and projects faced by Insomnia. Projects could include: data entry and data analysis, asset collection, administrative support to the Facilities and Construction teams and more. As an intern you will learn the ins and outs of operations here at Insomnia Cookies. The internship is paid hourly at $15.00/hr, will require about 20-30 hours per week, and will work in-office based out of our Philly HQ for the duration 10-week program.  


Position Goals & Accomplishments:

  • Fuel innovative, creative and growth ideas by providing various project opportunities in each subdivision of selected department
  • Gain on-brand experience & exposure within team projects
  • Develop professional communication, learning, and leadership skills
  • Work effectively within a diverse team & fast-paced work culture
  • Opportunity to improve presentation awareness and build public speaking skills
  • Excel in group engagement activities & team experiences
  • Develop career awareness and evaluations of future opportunities / job paths 

Required Education and Experience:

  • Must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in Business Operations or a related field
  • Must have availability up to work 3 days in-office
  • An innate curiosity and desire to learn
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Must be comfortable with Microsoft Office products & remote meeting software (Slack, Teams, etc.)
  • Being a cookie connoisseur is a plus!


About us:

Insomnia Cookies was founded in a college dorm room by then-student, Seth Berkowitz. Fast forward 20 years and so. many. cookies. later, our innovative bakery + delivery concept has become a cult brand known for its rabid following of cookie lovers who crave Insomnia’s warm, delicious delivery all day and late into the night. With an expanding footprint of over 270 stores globally, an experiential, “sweet-easy” concept as the brand’s flagship in Philadelphia, Pa. (where Insomnia Cookies is headquartered), and a rapidly-growing nationwide shipping and gifting portfolio… Insomnia Cookies is revolutionizing the cookie game by truly “Imagining What’s Possible”!