New team mates no longer have to be burdened by diving deep in our legacy application. We are currently working towards migrating all customers to our new single page web app so we can say goodbye to our legacy app. Once that’s done, we’ll start building a new product that will make our app available to anyone who wants to try it out in just a few clicks. We are looking for senior and mid-experienced programmers who are willing, friendly and who enjoy their work.

  • Using ReactJS independently in Monorepo to smoothly create the frontend and thanks to Storybook we are easily extending the Design System with new elements.
  • Using Kubernetes, NodeJS, NestJS, Prisma, RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL as a baseline of our services so far, we are still open to suggestions and contributions. 
  • Written in Typescript and tested with Jest (including NestJS End to End tests), means we keep a high focus on code quality and expect a ‘test first’ mindset.
  • Focus also at SalesChamp has been around the developer experience, using tools like to easily provide a sensible environment in which to develop the microservices. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Time division: 70% programming, 15% meetings, 10% code reviews, 5% bug fixes

SalesChamp is a small Dutch company based in Heemstede, Netherlands with a remote team in Brno, Czech Republic and an international team members who created an affordable multi-channel communication software. Our vision at SalesChamp is to create the simplest, most effective and easy-to-use omnichannel communication platform in the world.

We offer:

  • Employment (NL) or contractor based cooperation (internationally)
  • Competitive salary and flexible working schedule
  • Budget for remote work from a Hub
  • Virtual Equity Plan, Paid time off (for contractors)
  • Friendly team full of amazing and kind people
  • Occasional trips to our head office in Netherlands
  • Christmas and birthday bonuses
  • Workstation budget
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