We are looking to have a remote apprentice join our team ASAP! The company is expanding fast and this is a perfect role for anyone planning to jumpstart their own Global Career.

The apprenticeship will be six-months long and require 25-30 hours of work per week. The salary will be $500 a month and reassessed after the trial period.

What is Global Career?

We help people jumpstart their own remote lives through remote working, travel hacking, and entrepreneurship.

Our portfolio of websites consist of:


What will a Remote Apprentice do?

Primarily the role will consist of the following

  • Revamping resumes using a specific formula (primary role)
  • Sending and searching for jobs based on resumes (primary role)
  • Writing content and blog posts (primary role)

Secondary Roles:

  • Potentially chatting on the phone with students to help with job placement
  • Implementing and Creating Marketing & Sales Strategies

What makes someone a good fit for this role?

You are a great fit for this role if you have any of the following experience:

  • Recruitment or job placement experience
  • English writing is native
  • Marketing or sales experience
  • Remote working experience

How to Apply?

Simple, click here to start the application.