Headquarters: London, UK


At Gower Street Analytics we are transforming the Film industry using predictive analytics and data science. We have contracts with major studios and cinema chains who use our product to inform their planning and releases.

We are currently hiring a senior engineer in a UK-based remote role. You’ll be part of a small dev and data science team with responsibilities ranging from creating new predictive models and deploying them in production, to making front-end changes to deliver new features to our customers. We’re a very small team working on really interesting problems and we’re looking for a senior engineer to bring in the know-how to deliver big vertical features and leave the system in a better operational state as a result.

You’re, ideally, acquainted with functional programming and the JVM, as some of our systems are built with Clojure. You don’t need to know Clojure, but we’re looking for an engineer who’s willing to learn and quick to pick up new technologies.

Application deadline April 18th at 10:59 UTC

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