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Project Overview
Next Street is building the connected infrastructure for America’s small businesses who have faced disproportionate barriers with a digital platform that connects small businesses, trusted advisors, and business-to-small business (B2SB) institutions. On this platform, small businesses will be able to connect with culturally competent trusted advisors, discover responsible capital products, and access skill-building curricula and data-driven business insights.

Next Street is looking for a software development firm that understands the economic power of small business, and the opportunity to build mission-driven fintech software.

Organization Overview
Next Street is a mission-driven firm that is building the connected infrastructure for America’s small businesses who have been systemically held back. We partner with corporations, investors, governments, financial institutions and small business providers, offering a curated suite of solutions that help them connect small businesses in their networks with the right resources at the right time.

Our work is anchored in the belief that small businesses are the drivers of economic and community development and the engines of inclusive growth. We believe that when we elevate small businesses, we help individuals, families, and neighborhoods reach their potential. We believe that when we empower entrepreneurs and small business owners that have faced disproportionate barriers, we break down barriers to accelerate a more just economy.

Project Scope
Next Street seeks an implementation partner with a proven track record for software and system delivery that can bring a strong, diverse team to build out the Next Street platform.

Next Street has developed, proven out, and scaled up manual processes that connect small business owners to capital, curricula, and trusted advisor networks. The Next Street platform will automate and bring together these existing processes. Next Street has a strong product strategy and platform vision, and has performed several months of user testing and prototyping interactions, working closely with a design vendor to create prototypes and wireframes. The implementation partner will be brought into this process, will have wireframes to build from, and will work with engaged internal product managers on feature definition, scoping, and implementation.

The Next Street platform will be a greenfield build from a software perspective, and the implementation team has the opportunity to propose and choose the core infrastructure components that will power the Next Street platform for the next few years. Next Street seeks an implementation partner who can make strong long-term architecture choices. Responses to this RFP will include proposals for key framework choices.

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