Shopify has redefined commerce, raising the standard for how companies of all sizes sell their products and services online and off. With 1,000,000+ merchants in more than 175 different countries, and the most innovative platform on the market, we continue to grow rapidly while constantly looking for new ways to impact and disrupt markets.

Like the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN), a dispersed network of fulfillment centers, powered by machine learning that predicts the closest FC and optimises inventory quantities to ensure fast, low cost delivery. Basically, we re democratizing fulfillment for our merchants. And to be really successful at that big, hairy goal, we need to find Onboading Specialists to join the team.

Yes, you read that right – in this time of Covid-19, Shopify is still hiring. We’re definitely open for business, and we’re fighting hard to keep hundreds of thousands of other businesses open as well. If that sounds like something you could get behind, keep reading.

OK, so Onboarding Specialists. What do they do exactly? Think of them as a concierge, with the critical job of making the entry of new merchants into the Shopify Fulfillment Network as seamless as possible. They re the subject matter experts in this relationship, helping merchants understand how to do business with SFN, how to move their product into the network and holding their hands through the process. We can t overstate how important this is. We deal with the livelihoods of merchants here. If deliveries to their customers get delayed while they move onto SFN, they ll lose business. We can t let that happen.

This is a remote role, but you must be within the United States or Canada.

Great, so tell me more? What will a day in the life look like?

  • Constant communication with the merchants assigned to you. Understanding their existing business processes, translating those processes into the way we work and then making the onboarding process as smoothly as possible.
  • App install and configuration for new merchants. From variant induction and first receipts through first outbound shipment
  • Working a LOT in google sheets and the other tools that we use to drive SFN.
  • Efficient and complete handover after onboarding to our support teams
  • Providing constant feedback and suggestions for improvement. How can you make things better for the next merchant.

Sounds awesome! What are you looking for in terms of hard skills and experience?

  • Experience in customer service and/or account management services
  • Experience in any implementation/”onboarding” or relevant project management experience
  • Experience in distribution or fulfillment services. You ve worked with a WMS before.
  • Deep understanding of warehouse practices and procedures, SLAs and impact to vendor and merchant compliance down the supply chain
  • understanding of shipping parcel and freight services
  • A high degree of experience in excel and/or google sheets
  • Previous experience with the Shopify platform would be awesome (but not essential)

We re also looking for the following soft skills.

  • An ability to thrive in change and ambiguity
  • A love for problem solving with little to no help or guidance
  • A dedicated and empathetic attitude to the merchant journey and experience.
  • Tough skin
  • Excellent planning, time management, communication, decision-making, presentation and organization skills

Is this Remote Job not a perfect fit?

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