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If you are an experienced customer support pro looking for a fulfilling PART-TIME role at a fast-growing tech company, this is for you! 🇺🇸 Location: North American time zones
⏰ Hours: 20-30 hrs/wk, decide your own schedule
💰 Compensation: $35-45/hr depending on experience

About Our Company Culture
We are a team of expert specialists, and our goal as a company is to give you all the resources you need to get your work done with excellence. That also means that we eliminate all of the “company busy work” most companies have so that you can spend ALL of your time delivering an excellent experience to our community.
We are asynchronous and only have live meetings if that’s the most effective way to get something done (we find it usually isn’t). Which means you will NEVER sit through a meeting where someone reads a slide outloud. (Um, we assume you can read.)
You’ll be working with a small team of people who are super intelligent, resourceful, and focused. We want to be up-front that we aren’t the kind of company where work is your social outlet. We love doing excellent work at work, and living the rest of our lives outside of work! We are not a reactive, fire-fighting or “workaholic” type of company. 
The vibe is quiet and focused – we’re friendly but you aren’t going to see a bunch of social chit-chat or “getting to know you” activities. We are the perfect fit for you if you’re the type of person who is motivated by crafting excellence every day and loves skipping all the unnecessary meetings and reporting that no one reads!

About The Product
Paperbell is a SaaS tool that powers online coaching businesses. (Think the kind of coaches that help you upgrade your life, not improve your tennis swing!) We launched in 2020 and are more than doubling every year. Over 15,000 coaches have Paperbell accounts with over one thousand more added each month! 
Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop shop to run your coaching business online. Many coaches love coaching but hate tech – and that’s why they LOVE Paperbell which handles the whole “run your business” side of their online business and makes it super easy for them to help their clients. Check out our 50+ reviews on G2 and Capterra to get a feel for why customers love us.

What’s Exciting About This Opportunity
Our company is super small – less than 10 people, mostly consisting of specialist freelancers who come in as needed. So it has all the benefits of a small company with zero red tape or bureaucracy, where everyone is a significant contributor to the product’s success. 
But despite our small size, we’ve been hugely successful. MRR is growing fast, with over one thousand coaches signing up for a free account every month. We have a lot going on and are re-investing profits in the growth of the business. This role is a big fish in a small pond.
We’re not looking for someone to just follow SOPs. (Though to be clear, we love a good repeatable process and saving time by starting with well-crafted canned replies!) We are looking for a person to OWN customer service at Paperbell top to bottom. That means you are overseeing and delivering and incredible experience for our customers. You will be working side-by-side with another super-talented person dedicated to support. 
Maybe you’re currently in a support role with policies that you wish you could change. You have the power to do that here. When you see an inefficiency, make it better. When you see an area that could use a smart process, create one. When there’s a frustrating problem with the product, we’ll fix it. 
Our small size also means that “senior customer support” would be an accurate line item on your resume – so if you want to jump to the next level of your career we’re a great path for that. AND if you have been “on the outskirts” of tech (maybe you worked for a kinda boring large e-com) and want to move to a fast-moving true startup SaaS, we gotchu. 

What Your Day Will Look Like
Here are the most common tasks you’ll be doing day in and day out:
– Respond to all emails
– Route any other emails in the inbox to where they need to be
– Troubleshoot bugs to figure out if its software or user error
– Create a bug report for the dev team
– Get on a video call to demo how the tool works
– Proactively circle back with customers who emailed a few weeks ago to make sure their issue was resolved
– Email all customers who asked for a feature letting them know the feature is live
– Create and update support documentation including video walk-throughs

About Our Customers
Our customers (and prospects) are an important part of this role as they’re the ones you’ll be dealing with all day! We serve coaches, and coaches are people who value people. Generally our customers are incredibly friendly and appreciative of our help. It’s very rare that people are abusive or even rude. We deliver an excellent product that people are extremely happy with! (Check out our reviews on Capterra & G2 – and BTW notice how many mention how well we listen to customers.) 
Most of our customers do not consider themselves “techies” and a big part of your job is translating their online business set-up to plain english that’s relatable and easy to understand. Even though Paperbell is super simple to use, they often appreciate a little extra handholding and reassurance that they have things set up correctly. 
Our customers know the small business/freelancer online landscape and you need to know (or learn!) this landscape too. You’ll hear them mention tools like Honeybook, Dubsado, and Acuity in their emails. 

Your Experience
You know and love customer service, particularly the problem-solving aspect. There are many friendly people in this world, but it’s a much rarer skill to be able to figure out what someone is asking when they send you a one-line email that says “it’s not working!”. 
– 2 years or more in customer service at an online company (SaaS preferred) 
– Experience in describing bugs in detail/creating bug reports
– You are looking for a part-time role as your main thing 
– You enjoy creating how-to videos and chatting with customers live on video

Hours, Benefits & Legal Details
20-30 hrs/week, freelance, contract, paid per hour
Must speak native-level English
Pay $35-$45/hr DOE
You will need to have availability every day monday-friday during US normal working hours (9-5 any US time zone), but when those hours are is up to you. You can do a bunch of 20 minute check-ins throughout the day, do the work in a few blocks, or process the inbox in one session in each day. It’s also fine if this varies day to day. 
You will have customer calls on the calendar where you help with set up and product walk-throughs. You’ll need a professional, quiet environment for these video calls. 
We are a UK company but our customers are primarily in the US. That’s why this is not a W2 role and why we’re looking for someone who understands American freelancer/creator/coach culture. 
Because we are not a US company, we cannot provide benefits. As a freelancer you’ll get paid above W2 market rate so that you can cover your own benefits and time off. 
We’re proud to be an equal-opportunity employer committed to an inclusive environment.

How to Apply 
Fill out the application linked below. If you have any questions please include them in your application as we will not be able to respond to individual emails

  ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Read more and apply here. 

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