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Our core company mission and values

We are on a mission to provide more online freedom to people worldwide.  Join us on the journey!

Here is a video from RapidSeedbox CEO and co-owner:

Our core values are the following:

🔵Excellence in everything we do (“I go above and beyond!”) – We believe in being excellent and showing it with our actions and mindset in absolutely everything we do day to day.

🔵Ownership and responsibility (“I own it”) – We believe in taking full ownership and full responsibility for everything we do. That means taking full ownership of every small task and taking responsibility for deliverables and outcomes.

🔵Push the limits (“I don’t take No as an answer”) – We love pushing the limits and we do not take no as an answer. WE push their limits so that we can grow professionally.

🔵Cooperate and Serve (“Everyone matters”) – We believe in team cooperation and serving both our external customers and serving all of our internal team.

Our company is looking to grow in the Seedbox/IP space and we are looking for growth-oriented people who want to join our growth journey. If this sounds like the team for you, read on!

About the role

We are looking for a person that has substantial experience with doing outbound marketing sales in a successful way and managing it in 100% autonomous way.

We hold large amount of IPv6 we require to rent out and we are looking for a person who can get those customers in an outbound way and rent our IPv6 inventory.
Professional skills required for the role:

1. Prior experience doing outbound outreach and creating sales out of it (Prior results are important!)
2. Cold outreach campaign creation – Designing and implementing effective cold outreach campaigns with high response rates (Email campaigns & LinkedIn campaigns)
3. Ability to run paid traffic campaigns to our IPv6 page through a variety of sources to be able to generate more sales (Google Ads and Bing Ads or Any kind of online advertising as long as it’s a fit)
4. Ability to create a marketing/sales funnel that can convert the target user-base into IPv6 customers (IPv6 is still early on the market. The ability to create a proper funnel that targets users who need IPv6, explaining to them why they need IPv6 and converting them to users through a good marketing/sales funnel)
5. Ability to sell the product and create actual final customers that will purchase the IPv6 and rent it out for their needs
Soft skills required for the role:

1. Someone who is hungry to deliver results, with high levels of marketing & sales efficiency. Prove us you are hungry!
2. Ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to the problem above of finding new pockets of IPv6 customers, marketing the product to them, and being included in assisting the sales part of every interaction
3. Understanding of what is IPv6, and understanding of the use-cases and actual customers who are using it
4. Understanding of the proxy world, it’s use-cases
5. Understanding of automation / web-scraping world
6. Great communication skills
7.  Great marketing knowledge.
8. Great copywriting skills.
9. Great sales skills.


What’s in it for you?

🔵Fully remote and full-time role
🔵Fully flexible working schedule; you can be online at any time during the day as long as you deliver results. The company measures only performance and results
🔵With outstanding performance, there are regular salary increase opportunities if you can deliver outstanding results. Salary increases have to be connected to performance only.
🔵Professional growth opportunities to a more senior role
🔵Company swag
🔵Access to personal development fund as well as an emegency fund
🔵Comission based role that allows you to earn more if you sell more
Hiring process + How to apply

Our hiring process is made up of the following parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for each part:

1. Filling up a survey getting to know you and your experience better (Please set aside at least 30 minutes for this to make sure your survey is filled up well)
2. Follow-up email with more questions in case we find you a fit based off your answers in #1
3. Test task which we will ask you to do which will be contextual to the actual job in hand
4. We will jump on an interview in case the test task is successful.

Next steps
Please fill up the questionnaire as a next step and we look forward to receiving your application!

To apply:


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