Composable Finance is seeking a highly skilled Senior Frontend Engineer to lead the development and continuous enhancement of our TypeScript library codebase. The ideal candidate will be instrumental in architecting and optimizing our frontend infrastructure tailored for blockchain applications. You will work closely with our engineering team to drive innovation using your expertise in React, TypeScript, and various modern front-end technologies.


  • Lead the development of a modular and extensible frontend codebase using TypeScript and React.

  • Optimize frontend components and libraries to enhance performance and user experience across blockchain platforms.

  • Collaborate with backend engineers and product teams to integrate blockchain technologies, focusing on Polkadot/Cosmos and potentially Ethereum.

  • Proactively identify and address bottlenecks in code and development processes.

  • Participate in code reviews, mentoring junior developers, and promoting best practices within the team.

  • Adjust priorities and strategies in response to changing objectives and vision.


  • Proven experience in frontend development with a strong portfolio in TypeScript and React.

  • Experience with blockchain integration, specifically with Polkadot, Cosmos, and bonus points for Ethereum.

  • Familiarity with trustless bridging and IBC protocol is a plus.

  • Proficiency in modern frontend technologies and frameworks such as Next.js, Zustand, Jotai, Tanstack Query, Tailwind CSS, Radix UI, and Shadcn/UI.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to handle complex and varied tasks.

  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to work well in a dynamic team environment.

  • Open source contributions, especially in the Web3 space, demonstrating significant personal contributions.

Join us at Composable Finance, where you can be a part of a forward-thinking team dedicated to building innovative solutions in the decentralized finance landscape. We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for professional growth in a supportive and creative work environment.