About PhotoCircle

PhotoCircle is a private photo and video sharing service used by millions of consumers and businesses. The app allows users to create private albums, called Circles, and selectively choose who can join. The app is available on iOS and Android, with web usage currently limited to business users. Consumer usage is comprised primarily of moms and sorority sisters in the US. The PhotoCircle for Business Platform, launched in 2022, targets industries selling physical goods and services – home construction, solar installation, fashion, travel tours, food & beverage distribution, and more – allowing them the ability to manage their users and circles at scale. The app has 61k ratings, averaging 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store. Users praise the app for its simple, consumer-focused design, allowing them to easily stay connected with the people they care about. 

About the Job

You will be responsible for all things web at PhotoCircle. This includes:

  • PhotoCircle for Web – all the features that exist on iOS and Android

  • Organization Management Portal – used by businesses to manage their team and organize their circles

  • Reporting Dashboard – usage activity for business customers

  • New Business Onboarding System – sign-up and payment flow for businesses


  • Ability to build rich frontend web applications with thick clients, with a strong emphasis on user experience

  • Understanding of the trade-offs among SPAs, SSR, statically generated content, and other web application architectures

  • Opinions about modern CSS architectures and methodologies, such as CSS preprocessing, CSS-in-JS, and utility-first CSS

  • Strong grasp of software engineering principles, especially with regard to state management.

  • Strong understanding of web APIs related to network access (XHR, fetch, WebSocket, etc.)

  • Fluent written English communication skills


  • React, or similar component-oriented experience

  • TypeScript, or similar

  • Redux, or similar


  • Python

  • gRPC

  • WebAssembly

Work Style

Our team is fully async and remote. We communicate via Slack, Google Docs, Notion, and email. There are no meetings. You determine your work hours. We keep our processes light, allowing you to do what you do best — build things that people love. 

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