At RabbitHole, we’re building the on-chain resume for the future of work in crypto. Crypto protocols no longer rely on an individual’s higher education credentials or social capital, but instead, those with proven on-chain history and high participation. With this paradigm shift, the lines between education and work are becoming increasingly blurred. People are learning on the job, with ultimate working flexibility, while being paid for their contributions through ownership. On RabbitHole, users earn credentials “Skills” by completing on-chain tasks across different smart contract-enabled applications. These Skills are required for “Quests” which reward users with ownership in different protocols by completing a series of on-chain tasks that benefit each protocol. We’re doing this to make the world of crypto less nebulous, and easier for someone new to the ecosystem to get involved in crypto.The roleWe’re looking for a full-time senior product designer who is confident in visual and graphic design. This person will be responsible for not only the visual brand of RabbitHole, but the look and feel that will capture the minds of millions of people as they start to enter crypto for the first time. It’s important that this person can distill complex technology into a magical, simple experience across all of our products and assets.Who we areOur team has deep crypto-native roots, working at some of the leading consumer teams in web3 like Dapper Labs and the largest DeFi ecosystems like MakerDAO. We’ve realized that to bring the next millions of people into crypto, we need to make the consumer experience magical while empowering the users. We believe that finding the right person for the right task at the right time is even more important.The culture of RabbitHole is about lifelong learning. By creating a platform to make it easy to learn and get involved in new protocols, we can make it fun & easy to learn complex topics. We’re endlessly curious about the potential of crypto to shape how we interact with the world today, from finance, to culture, to work.

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