## Guiding humans with dataWith a team of ambitious, international developers, AutoUncle has changed the game of how cars are bought and sold. We’re proud of how we’ve led the development of online transparency in the car market and grateful for the accelerated growth we’ve experienced the last years. Our results are a product of a human culture and a flair for big data.Most people know AutoUncle for the search engine (native apps and web) used by millions of consumers across Europe. But, new colleagues tend to get very excited when they see the technological depth there is to AutoUncle’s platform (car valuations, indexing and data processing of millions of cars daily, pro dealership tools, automatic marketing platforms, automated billing and so much more).## Financially strong, fast growing and modern workstyleWhen you join AutoUncle, you sign up for a journey of building one of Europe’s biggest consumer services. The company is financially strong and operates like a fast growing, modern company. In Product & Engineering you see this by:* We’ve practiced and refined how to work remotely for many years* We set annual and quarterly goals using OKRs* We care about true agility and plan epics and sprints using Scrum* We believe Scrum teams should be self-managing and come up with solutions to problems and opportunities, not just execute on tasks specced in detail by a manager.* We make decisions based on data, run lots of A/B tests and have efficient ways to get rapid user feedback* We invest in team and personal growth (retrospectives, team events, recurring 1:1s)* We get together across teams to share what we work on and discuss the things that influence all of us such as having great development processes and maintaining a healthy code quality* We methodically work with the company’s culture at quarterly Company Meetups (virtual)* We dedicate time to socialise (virtually and offsite events)* We believe the best results are produced in environments where people enjoy working. As you get started you’ll quickly appreciate that the company has a clear vision and a healthy work culture where honesty, feedback, personal development and humour are the cornerstones. We optimise for working smart and have a strong commitment to the type of workplace we want at AutoUncle.## Our StackOur current stack runs on Ruby on Rails, React.js, Webpack, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Dedicated servers + AWS.We work using Github, Slack, Trello, Honeybadger, Google Analytics/Optimize, New Relic, Semaphore as well as a range of internally built monitoring and management systems.## Your experienceYou’re a an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who cares about impact, collaborates well and enjoys mentoring others. We’re not picky about academic background, but expect that you:* have a well-trained analytical mindset and are capable of designing architectures yourself* work fluently with Ruby on Rails and have a non-religious approach to technology choices* communicate effectively in English (written and verbally)* are not shy of taking initiatives* enjoy working in an environment where you contribute to the conventions and culture (we’re always refining how we work)To collaborate effectively we expect you to live in time zones GMT+0, GMT+1 or GMT+2 and have some experience with working remotely.Read more about our culture and what makes us the [Most Human Company](

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