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DartConnect is looking for an experienced front-end developer designer (independent contractor) to design intuitive user-centric products and experiences to push our product to a higher level.

Qualified when:

  • Working experience with HTML5 and CSS3 (TailwindCSS)

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including its syntax and features

  • Strong understanding of the Vue.js framework and its core principles, and ecosystem
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, clean, and scalable code

  • At least one strong UX work proven with a live product

  • Mobile and responsive design/development is not an afterthought

  • You get things done while working autonomously or in a team setting.

  • You enjoy optimizing conversion funnels and removing roadblocks that prevent users from reaching their goals.

  • You understand what makes a user experience accessible to the most significant number of users and have a general working knowledge of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

  • Communication skills and the ability to explain your design decisions come naturally.

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Laravel Blade Templates

  • Ability to conduct user testing and customer interviews

  • Ability to create icons and logos in a pinch

  • Familiarity with Darts

Other information:

  • Independent contractor

  • We are looking for people located within Europe

Selection process:

  • Resume and portfolio screening

  • A Paid Project (that will be used)

  • Technical & Final Interview

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