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Get paid to talk to our students all day and advise them on which course is the best for them.
We’re looking for a fan of Smart Blogger who would like to help guide our students toward the right course for them.
This is an internal sales role. You’ll be talking with Smart Blogger students who are fans of the company but need direction. Your job is to provide that direction and gently push students to a decision.

Don’t worry, no “hard selling.” No dishonesty of any kind. The success of the student is always more important than anything else.

In fact, we don’t require any sales experience for this role. What’s most important is:
  • You love Smart Blogger
  • You love helping people
  • You are ambitious and driven
This is a career opportunity for the right person. Not only in terms of money, but in your chances to work alongside the best of the best and see how they operate. You’ll be working directly with Jon Morrow.
  • Farm the Smart Blogger community:
  • Conduct 50-100 outbound calls per day to Smart Blogger customers, past applicants, and funnel opt-ins
  • Contact 20-30 customers per day by Messenger
  • Nurture members of the community until they become a qualified lead
  • Regular communication with the team on the #slack channel throughout the day
  • Attend training calls and practice drills to make sure you are always at the top of your game
  • Study the Smart Blogger course catalog and become intimately familiar with the differences between courses, so you can guide prospects to the right course
  • Relentless drive. In past jobs, you’ve always been one of the hardest workers on the team. It’s just who you are. You want to be the best.
  • High expectations. You have ambitions for yourself and also have high expectations of the team around you. You want to be a star and work with stars.
  • Passion for helping people. Yes, sales is about money, but it’s also about helping people make good decisions and overcome fears. You enjoy that.
  • Student of the game. You’re fascinated by sales and human psychology, And you’re eager to continue learning.
  • Comfortable with technology. You’ll be doing calls on Zoom, filling out spreadsheets, and working with CRM systems. We can teach you the details, but you need to be comfortable with tech.
  • High-quality Internet connection, camera, and audio, so you can conduct Zoom calls with few technical glitches
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