Risk Labs is the foundation and core team behind UMA, and some top tier products built with it such as oSnap, Oval, and the Across protocol . The Risk Labs team, operates as one cohesive (amazing!) culture, but focuses on two core protocols, UMA and Across. UMA and Across are decentralized protocols governed by community members across the globe in DAOs, and are supported by Risk Labs Foundation. UMA’s optimistic oracle (OO) can record any verifiable truth or data onto a blockchain. Across is leading the future of interoperability with its frontier intents based architecture.

We’re looking for a Jr. Smart Contract Engineer to join the UMA protocol team. You, alongside top tier talent, would be working on the core Optimistic Oracle (OO) as well as industry leaders such as oSnap and Oval. As a team, we’re excited to expand UMA’s protocol beyond the truth machine that it is today, and push the boundaries of DeFi in a meaningful way. Oracles, MEV, OEV, governance, optimistic solutions are all heavily baked into your day to day work.


  • Protocol architecture: Design and build protocol upgrades from idea to deployment.
  • Smart contracts: Implement designs with a focus on security, simplicity, ease of use, and gas-efficiency.
  • Code review and mentorship: Write code in a highly collaborative open source ecosystem. In depth reviews of others’ contributions is expected with a focus on helping others grow their technical expertise.
  • Bots: write complimentary offchain code to interact with the protocol. Bots should have a high degree of correctness, efficiency, and anti-fragility

These responsibilities are going to be similar to the Sr. Smart Contract role posted; however, as a junior engineer, we have lower expectations about your previous experience. That doesn’t mean our expectations are low, instead we have higher expectations for the demonstrable and uncanny ability to learn and apply new concepts quickly. Someone who is exceptionally keen to learn and invest their time with us, in exchange for us investing in their growth. Someone who we hire for this role will become proficient in the above categories.


  • 2+ years of experience in engineering at a software organization. This can include multiple internships, what we want to see is your familiarity with engineering best practices (sprints, code review, etc.) and a level of professionalism.
  • 1+ years of working with blockchain-based projects (think hackathons or personal projects as well), and a deep passion for blockchain technology, crypto economic protocol design, game theory, or decentralized finance
  • Outstanding critical thinking skills; low ego, high curiosity and comfort in being wrong
  • A love for great software; desire to understand the why and the how of everything you work on
  • Demonstrated ability to apply existing skills to new technologies
  • Growth mindset; a desire to learn from and mentor those around you
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, especially written