Headquarters: USA

The ideal candidate should have strong development and system administration expertise. This is a completely remote position and can be done from anywhere in the world. You will be joining a team of developers and support staff from around the world. You will collaborate with our team to ensure the site is operating at optimal capacity for user experience. You will be maintaining and updating a pre-existing e-commerce site built on Prestashop 1.5. The site was created over 10 years ago but has recently undergone major updates. You will be working with legacy code, updating it when needed, and adding new features as required. Basic Go skills will be helpful, as one part of the site uses that, but is not complex. The Front-end is primarily written with jQuery however, new features will be added using Vue. You will also be managing all servers related to the site.
*Server management and support (CentOS 7)
*Manage server security vulnerability. Security-focused to prevent hacks, data leaks, etc.
*Implement and maintain effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions. 
*Maintain server networks including IP addressing and interfacing
*Design front-end and back-end architecture 
*Analyze current codes and industry developments to formulate more efficient processes, solve problems, and create solutions for a better user experience. 
*Provide technical support to other team members (no direct customer support required).
*Maintain compliance certifications for areas such as PCI DSS
*Experience with system administration
*Ability to be on call in the event of an emergency (shared with 1 other Developer)
*Ability to identify and resolve server security vulnerability  
*Ability to write clean, concise, and sustainable code
*Basic experience with xdebug/Blackfire to debug pre-existing code
*Experience debugging issues between multiple servers
*Strong PHP programming skills (Prestashop and Laravel a plus)
*Strong Linux skills
*Experience with MySQL
*Experience with Redis 
*Basic experience with Go(lang)
*Experience with Front-end technology and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, Vue.js, JavaScrip, and jQuery
*Basic understanding of Git (push, pull, merge, branches)
*Basic experience with regulatory compliance of PCI DSS
*Basic knowledge of social media platforms (such as YouTube, IG, FB, TikTok)
*Basic understanding of Composer and Packagist
*Strong database knowledge (joins, schemas, indices, optimization)
*Basic ansible knowledge
*Ability to work independently
*Excellent time management skills
*Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
*Must have your own computer and high-speed internet access

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