About Us

Vali Ventures is a tight-knit, ambitious software development firm based in the US. As a bootstrapped company, we pride ourselves on being nimble, innovative, and responsive to the market’s changing needs. Our work spans developing bespoke applications for our clients and nurturing our suite of proprietary software products like Desktop.Vision,, and We’re on a mission to create impactful, user-friendly digital solutions, and we’re looking for like-minded individuals to join our journey.

What We’re Looking For

We are searching for a Remote Software Engineer with a particular knack for front-end technologies and a genuine passion for crafting seamless user experiences. As part of our small but growing team, you’ll play a pivotal role in our client projects and in-house product development. This role is perfect for a mid-level developer eager to make a significant impact within a bootstrapped environment and grow alongside a dedicated team.

We’re looking for software engineers who are proficient in the following technologies:

  • Typescript / JS
  • HTML / CSS


  • Svelte / React
  • C#
  • AWS
  • Cloudflare


  • 3+ years of experience developing web applications
  • Advanced level of Javascript and Typescript
  • A demonstratable sense of UX patterns


  • $70,000 – $80,000


This is a remote position open to candidates globally. Our distributed team values flexibility and the ability to work autonomously while staying connected and aligned with team goals.

How we work

At Vali Ventures, we believe in agile, sustainable growth. We’re not just developers; we’re problem solvers and innovators. You will be able to work on diverse projects that are constantly challenging and expanding your skill set. You will immerse yourself in a variety of projects, pushing the boundaries of your technical and creative skills.

Open communication is our backbone; we thrive on the exchange of ideas and mutual support to surpass both collective and personal ambitions. Our team prioritizes frequent, asynchronous interactions, fostering an environment where questions are welcomed, and assistance is readily available.

In this hands-on, pivotal role, you’ll collaborate closely with our technical co-founder, contributing to the development and refinement of new features, while enhancing the reliability, performance, and structure of our codebase. As an integral member of our team, your contributions will have a direct impact on our customer’s experiences, with immediate and tangible results stemming from your efforts.