What we are doing
Mono is building the critical layer for Africa, across data and payment using open banking. Our easy-to-use API enables developers to connect with their end users’ financial accounts to retrieve account details, transactions, and move money in a manner that is reliable, performant, and fair than anything else available.

Mono is well-funded and backed by some of the best VCs in the world, including Entree capital (Investors in Stripe, Kuda, etc) and Y-combinator.

In Africa, open banking doesn’t exit but banks do have real APIs used in their product, so in order to access these APIs, we reverse engineer the bank’s apps and build “open banking” on top of it.

Future founder promise
Do you want to build your own startup eventually but aren’t quite ready? Come work at Mono, and we’ll teach you everything we know about starting something new. Then, once you are ready to start your own company, we’ll be introduce you to some of our investors!

Who you are
We are looking for a software engineer to join our CTO in working on reverse engineering platforms.

What you will be doing:

  • Perform network traffic analysis and infer implicit APIs from institutions’ web and mobile apps.
  • Develop and evaluate bank-level encryption schemes (AES, RSA) and android APK reverse engineering.
  • Develop web scraping pipelines via Javascript.
  • Apply your knowledge set to fetch data from multiple sources, cleanse it and build APIs on top of it.
  • Understand and be able to reverse engineer authentication processes both in web and mobile apps.
  • Build solutions to stay on top of reliability and data quality

You can be part of the gang if you have:

  • 3+ years of experience as a software engineer, even better if with Python
  • Experience with data retrieval and scraping technology.
  • Sound Knowledge in bypassing Bot Detection Techniques Experience using HTTP Proxy techniques to protects web scrapers against site ban, IP leak, browser crash, CAPTCHA, and proxy failure.
  • Ability to be nimble, proactive, and comfortable working with minimal specifications.
  • Experience designing and developing RESTful APIs
  • Develop data extracting and processing using raw and programmatic techniques without scrapy or Puppeteer.

What you can expect from us:

  • A collaborative, transparent environment in which you can be your true self, learn and grow
  • Attend conferences and training courses using our learning & development allowance ($500/yr)
  • Flexible hours
  • Stock option
  • Food every week, delivered to your house
  • Remote friendly
  • Choice of Linux or Mac technology
  • Employer pension contribution
  • Private health insurance and dental cover


$30,000/yr – $50,000/yr + Equity

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