We’re looking for an incredible software engineer to help us build the future of blockchain scalability.

This is an ideal opportunity for an engineer who is already passionate about tackling problems in blockchain scalability, or looking to break into the blockchain engineering space. If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced, high-impact team and help shape the direction of our product and company, this position is for you.

We’re backed by some of the best investors in the valley and offer competitive pay, an equity grant in the company, and full benefits.

About Caldera

Caldera enables dynamic, scalable blockchain experiences. Currently, dapps that are deployed to general-purpose blockchain compete with thousands of other applications for space on the network — this can lead to congestion and high fees or even network outages.

That’s where we come in. We’re building software that makes it easy for the most innovative blockchain applications to launch their own ultra-performant blockchains (rollups), enabling applications to own their ecosystem, scale to millions of users, and provide a superior user experience to their players.

We’re located in San Francisco, and work in-person from the Financial District

As a Systems Engineer at Caldera, you will:

  • Help architect the blockchain node that comprises the backbone of our software offering. You’ll be working on the cutting edge of blockchain scaling, building a new kind of layer two.
  • Make improvements to the virtual machine that runs Ethereum smart contract code
  • Design and implement end-to-end product features driven by the needs of developers
  • Evaluate database backends, networking libraries, and other tools and help make decisions as to which should be included in our stack
  • Help build out our devops pipeline, allowing Caldera Chains to be deployed reliably and securely

You might be a fit for this role if you…

  • Have a deep knowledge of Go, Rust or similar languages
  • Have experience working with distributed or embedded systems before
  • Love writing fast, well-optimized, well-tested, clean code
  • Are confident with performance optimization, identifying bottlenecks and scalability concerns
  • Have familiarity with distributed systems concepts like CAP theorem, and enjoy thinking through and designing around trade-offs
  • Are occasionally willing to get your hands dirty tackling devops problems

Bonus points if you…

  • Are familiar with how blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin work under the hood
  • Are up-to-date with Ethereum scaling solutions such as sidechains or rollups
  • Have implemented or used a consensus algorithm (eg. Paxos/Raft, pBFT, tendermint, …) in the past
  • Have an understanding of cryptography primitives, such as hash functions or digital signatures
  • Have built Ethereum “dapps” with Solidity or Yul
  • Have significant open-source contributions, especially in blockchain clients/node software, databases, networking, or programming languages/frameworks