Ondo Finance is building a DeFi protocol providing a suite of decentralized investment banking products and services to connect institutional investors and token issuers. We have just scratched the surface of opportunity in DeFi with services like lending, trading, and basic derivatives. We see a huge opportunity to bring a wider array of products from traditional finance to DeFi and create new financial primitives. Our first products are structured finance instruments that enable risk-mitigated or leveraged single-asset yield-generating positions, as well as provide liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) to other crypto projects and select DAO’s.
Our smart contract team is developing novel DeFi primitives supporting complex investment products. Our upcoming investment strategies interface with several protocols across multiple EVM-compatible blockchains. We’re also building scalable on-chain and off-chain tooling to support users ranging from small investors to sophisticated crypto hedge funds, as well as promote security and trust for our community. As a staff engineer on the team, you’ll help lead some of these development efforts, as well as shape the development process and roadmap.
“Genesis is excited to support Ondo Finance as both an investor and strategic partner. We believe Ondo will help bridge capital between the institutional world and the crypto market — an evolution that we think is vital to continued growth in DeFi.”
— Matthew Ballensweig, Head of Institutional Lending at Genesis

What we offer:

  • Competitive compensation including salary, future token rights, and equity — we’re well-funded and believe that great talent deserves great compensation
  • Full benefits (medical, vision, and dental) and flexible vacation policy (PTO)
  • Small remote-first team across many countries — you’ll be an early team member helping shape our vision, culture, and engineering practices
  • A+ colleagues — our team includes alumni from Goldman Sachs Digital Assets, DeFi protocols (e.g. Maker, Badger, Balancer), big tech (e.g. Facebook, SpaceX, Microsoft), private equity funds, hedge funds, and various VC-backed startups
  • Best-in-class investors — we are proud to be backed by leading crypto experts (e.g. founders of Aave, Quantstamp, and Anchorage) and funds (e.g. Founders Fund, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and DCG)

What we’re looking for:

  • Partial daily overlap with EST — typically this means you’re located in the Americas, Europe, or Africa
  • Demonstrated interest in crypto — building, investing, yield farming, minting, voting, or whatever excites you in the space
  • Prior experience building crypto-native projects deployed on an EVM mainnet — especially using Solidity and Ethereum development tools (e.g. Foundry, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin); experience in DeFi, testing, security, or auditing are a plus
“Fixed income remains the missing piece that decentralized finance needs to go mainstream. Ondo unlocks downside protection and relative certainty in forecasting returns for institutional investors looking to allocate to the attractive yields in the DeFi space. We are excited to back the Ondo team in their mission to bridge the worlds of DeFi and institutional finance.”
— Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital


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