Headquarters: Northampton, Massachusetts, USA


SystemOne is searching for a Node.js developer to build out new and existing web applications.

As an Applicant You are Expected to Have: At least five years of professional software development experience building, deploying, and maintaining backends and API’s for web applications & mobile apps.
  • Proficiency with HTTP, REST design principles, MVC architecture, message queues and T-SQL.
  • Ability to work & communicate with the team in English.
  • Strong background with using a range of fit-for-purpose data structures and algorithms.
  • At least 1 year of focus using AWS EC2 & RDS as a deployment target.
  • Ability to work with Ansible to provision infrastructure and deploy software.
  • Ability to work comfortably using command line tools such as sed & grep.
  • Experience using Git for source code control.
  • Experience writing unit, integration & performance tests.
  • Familiar with debugging tools and methods.
  • Experience with MySQL.

  • Design secure, efficient, scalable back-end services and RESTful APIs that serve web, mobile and IoT applications.
  • Design highly performant SQL databases and write fast, accurate and extendable queries for them.
  • Build fault tolerant, distributed applications.
  • Monitor software on a range of target platforms including EC2 linux instances as well as privately hosted virtual servers.
  • Optimize deployments of software & infrastructure for automation using Ansible.
  • Build secure, extendable messaging services that enable automated, inter-system communication with a wide array of different systems.
  • Build templated Excel based reports for users of SystemOne products.
  • Make strategic technical decisions that cater for system flexibility through safe updates and configuration changes.
  • Write unit, integration and performance tests that integrate into deployment pipelines.
  • Maintain build server infrastructure to clear the way for the rest of the team to ship code.
  • Collaborate with an excellent team of engineers to produce high quality, performant & secure information exchange back-ends for healthcare initiatives.
  • Document APIs and expected system behavior.

About the Organization:
SystemOne is a technology business that has served healthcare organizations to reduce the burden of infectious disease since 2013. We employ a team of engaged software professionals that is focused on providing high quality user experiences and facilitating the integration of a heterogenous IT landscape.
Our engineering team prides itself in delivering impactful products to health organizations, striking the correct balance between delivering solutions within ambitious time frames and enabling people with high quality IT systems without over-engineering our products.

The team is currently distributed across Europe, Africa & the Americas. We have a strong, hands-on CTO who supports initiatives to continuously learn and share knowledge.

Candidates must embrace SystemOne’s Core values:
  •  Do good and create lasting value;
  •  Make the journey matter;
  •  Be worthy of respect;
  •  Be pragmatic and keep it simple.

How to Apply: Use the job advertisement application link:
  1. Fill out the required questionnaire
  2. Provide a link to (or a copy of) your resume, profile, or portfolio (e.g., your website, GitHub, etc.)
  3. Complete the Predictive Index assessment that will be sent via email upon application submission
We unfortunately cannot accept applications that lack the 3 items listed above.

To apply:


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