ipdata is a SaaS API startup that provides IP Address related data to more than 20,000 developers and companies like Gymshark, Disney, Cisco, Adobe, and many more!We are looking for someone to provide our customers with technical support part-time. This would involve answering technical questions about how to integrate with the API, helping customers debug simple API issues (with Postman or curl), pointing users to relevant documentation and otherwise helping customers resolve any issues they may have.### Description- Helping customers resolve technical and billing issues via asynchronous chat and email.- Answering questions about the product i.e. what features exist and technical questions like the meaning of an error code, max rps etc. This information would be provided in a short handbook.- Updating and maintaining our technical documentation – It’s more or less complete, your job would involve adding minor clarifications, adding new FAQs and updating the documentation for any product changes.- Identifying trends that might be indicators of incidents eg. 3 customers reach out and say they are unable to access the service, this might indicate downtime or a bug.- Identifying new features eg. letting the development team know that you get numerous requests for a certain feature.### Requirements- Intermediate coding experience in at least one of Python, Nodejs, C/C++ or Golang.- Prior experience making HTTP requests in any language.- Familiarity with postman or curl.

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