Get Help Landing Your Remote Dream Job Today!

Global Career: Remote Life Program

Are you struggling to find your remote dream job?

If so, then you are in the right place and we are currently accepting applicants into the Global Career Remote Life program. (*Right now we are at capacity and only accepting waitlist applicants for when we open up again in late July/August.)

Have you had any of these issues?

  • Not hearing back after countless applications
  • Having trouble finding legitimate remote jobs and avoiding scams
  • Not finding the right job that pays well
  • Matching your skills and experience with a remote job
  • Spending too much time and not getting any results

The program is spearheaded by the founder of Global Career, remote jobs expert and best selling author, Mike Swigunski. Mike has helped thousands of people jump-start their global careers and can help you do the same thing!

What’s the goal of the Remote Life Program?

The primary goal is to help you land your remote dream job. We will help you get a job faster, higher-paying and something you are EXCITED about! If you are tired of applying for jobs and not achieving the results you want, then fill out the wait list application right here or below and see if you are eligible for the Remote Life Program. Space is limited, so make sure to apply today!

What’s included in the Remote Life Program?

• Bi-Weekly Training Calls, Goal Setting, and Accountability
• Resume & Cover Letter Templates: Improvements & Tweaks
• Social Media Audit: LinkedIn Corrections and SEO Adjustments
• Targeted Jobs: every week, we will send you 2-3 hand-selected jobs based on your criteria
• Mock Interview: We will host one mock-interview with improvements
• Exclusive Access to My Network of Remote Founders & CEOs